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download doesn't work


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I feel for you, it seems that tech support doesn't support much with answers. It seems that their standard response is that they need a lot more info. What more info do you need? She is trying to download a file!!!

Here is the info we need, which is pretty much common sense.

Were you able to download the file/s? (you didn't even list the files in the torrent, nor if you are having trouble downloading them, or using them)

Once we know this, then it moves on to either supporting Bit comet. (in which case most of the necessary info is posted in the announcement in tis section, the one that says READ THIS before you post)

If it is using the files that you downloaded, then we need to know exactly what you did in fact download, and exactly what error messages (if any) you get when you try, and exactly how you tried to use them.

As for member "jcgpiqcl", If you know what she needs to know, then why did you not answer her?

Our support team does a great job, and your comments are uncalled for.


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