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Ummm... can't really tell... can you tell us what file extension (eg. .avi, .rar, .xvid, etc.) "the file" is??

Please provide as much information as possible, when asking for help.

cassie :)

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Am i able to convrt the bitcomet file to enable it to go on DVD?

I'm not sure you understand exactly what Bit Comet is. Bit Comet is a bit torrent client, which can download any of thousands of different kind of files, pretty much anything you can imagine.

The only files that you can consider to be "bit comet files", are the small file.torrent files, which are just basic text file with instructions on how to join the swarm and download. Once download is complete, you will have the files you selected to download. If you selected "DVD" files, then you can just burn them to DVD. If you selected something different, then it may be possible to convert to DVD.

However, DVD download are very unpopular, since there are much better compressed file formats. I can download a dozen full length movies faster then you can download one full dvd movie. In some cases, I could download a few dozen.


ps. when you provide the info, we can help you further.

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