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this might be a basic one...


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okay, so i'm new to this and am risking sounding like a total moron here... anyhow, i downloaded a Grey's Anatomoy episode file using bitcomet yesterday and it seems to be saved as a bitcomet avi file. When I tried to play it in the preview pane in bitcomet, all i could hear was thee sound, and could only see the color blob things you get when you don't havee the correct codec (I think that's the term). So what is it I need to d o here? I tried renaming the file to a .mpeg so I could view it elsewhere but that didn't work. Please help someone!



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do not rename file extensions if your not sure what your doing, this will only cause problems.

I suggest you try playing it in media player classic. Also, if you haven't already done so, update your codecs.

CCCP (best for playing of files)


k lite codecs (best for playing, editing and encoding)


if you select the k lite pack, don't just install all the options, or you will surely have problems (default settings work fine for nearly every user)

CCCP is a safer choice if you don't understand how the codecs work, DO NOT install both.


ps. both packs have media player classic.

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... it seems to be saved as a bitcomet avi file.

Just a note: there ain't no such thing. BitComet will download whatever sorts of files are contained in the torrent, but they don't somehow have anything to do with BitComet itself because of that. That's an .avi file no matter what you do with it or what client you download it with. But it's never a BitComet .avi file.

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It hopefully tells him that the issue and its answer won't be found in BitComet or its configuration, that the problem is elsewhere, and that using that terminology will create confusion without producing solutions.

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