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my downloading always stoppes at 97%


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my system is on win XP... i'm using a cable DSL 1mp.....my downloading always stopes at 97% for no reasons nor error messages.....and sometimes when i'm dowloading my download speed gets slower and slower for no reasons too....i checked my internet connection there is no proplem with it and my max upload rate is 1kB.....

please anybody help me and i'll be very thankful.......i need to use bitcomet badly

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Why would you set your max upload to 1kB/s???

doing this will put you on the bottom of the list to receive data.

As for why your torrents stop at 97%, there could be many reasons. Some torrents are designed to fail this way, and are referred to as "Bad torrents"


You could also have a torrent that is not seeded. If there are no peers that have 100%, then they will never finish.


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Adding some info regarding torrents that "hang" around 97 to 99.9% of the download: this often happesn with music files.

Why? Because some folks don't know that, when you have made a torrent out of some music folder, you *never* can play those songs with Windows Media Player or whatever player that conncets to the net to retrieve "additional" or "relevant" info about the songs. Cuz what happens is, that WMP makes small changes to the meta tags, thus making it so that the info contained in the small torrentfile no longer corresponds with its larger "brother", the torrented folder.

This results in the seeder seeing his own files sitting as unfinished in his bitclient's window...

I also must add, that most mp3 files which are missing but a fraction of their content, can be played without a problem, since the missing info has nothing to do with the music itself, but with the tags.

Other downloads, like apps or programs, almost never have that problem, tho it can happen also when some files inside the torrent are added or changed, *after* the torrent was made.

When you have the same thing with ISO files or ZIP files, consider the data to be corrupt, throw the folder away and start over on another torrent...


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i had a problem like this since 1 mounth. the download stopped %97 - %99.9. it made me mad. i tried to set upload limit max but nothing changed. i am downloading torrents which i trust. i am downloading a movie maybe you know the axxo movies are very good but aslo axxo movies have this problem. please help:(

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Another issue which can cause this is using certain routers in their DMZ or "gaming" modes -- which is why we ask people to tell us about their internet connections and routers (ahem!)

If you are using a router, take it out of that mode.

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