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A more discriminating task Prioritising system.

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Hi all

I wonder if it would be possible for the prioritising system on the file level to be more dicriminating.

Most of the time there is a noticable change of speed when the priority of certain files within a torrent are put on very high as opposed to normal. I find that the rate of download between files set to normal and that of the ones set to very high is around 1/3. that is OK when the number of files within the torrent is small and the torrent as a whole is not too big. but when downloading larger torrents with high number of files the current system just doesn't do the job.


as you can see in the image above the files underlined in red or green are or were set to very high priority.but the other files on the torrent and there is alot of them are also taking up the bandwidth.

I can't see why there is no way of pausing (preferably just the downstream side) certain files within the torrent which is a pain for the impaitient among us (that includes me).

Thank you


I fixed your screenshot for you, Suspect

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The problem with selecting files within a torrent is that torrents are made from pieces of the "whole", not many files divided into pieces.

By setting priority higher on certain files, your client will request pieces it needs to complete them first. If you were to pause the download of certain files, then what would your client do with the pieces that contain date for that file?

You would need to have a setting which rather then "pause", it would be "only download date needed to complete other files", so it wouldn't be a complete "pause" after all.

Also, by changing the priority of files, you are harming the speed of your download. This could be barely noticeable, or severe, depending on the circumstances.

Honestly, I sometimes wish this feature was never developed, since bit torrent was never designed to do this, and it is not an efficient way to download torrents. It is a handy feature, but more and more members seem to think that torrents were designed to work this way, they were NOT.

In order for the torrent to be designed to be distributed in separate files, the bit torrent protocol would have to be designed this way, so that each file was hashed separately.

I can assure you that this would be no easy task.


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I totally agree , priority system inside the client was very useful... frankly speaking i was quite disappointed.......

but you know whole feel of the new version is better.......... i guess virus scanner, scheduler,etc gains an edge over utorrent...............

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If you have a preference for certain files within a torrent, just ban the others *before* starting the download, i.e. in the download window of BitComet that opens when hitting a torrentfile...

You can always add the rest later...


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