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I cannot log into bit comet any longer

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I've been using bit comet for a year or so now and have had no problems with updates but I updated to.79 and now when I go to bit comet it shows that I need to log in, when I log in it shows that my name or password is wrong. Now since I have had no problem and haven't had to sign in for a year, I don't even know what the right password or userid is so I try all my usuals whic fails. Anyway, I tried clicking on the forgot password button and it gives me an error, even if I click on register it doesn't do anything.

Please help.

Oh I am using windows xp

have a 2wire modem card on bellsouth dsl.


Oh I failed to mention I had to sign up here in order to make a post is this the same as my bit comet user id and password?

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This is a new feature (still in the works) and doesn't affect your use of BitComet - just disregard it, for now.

cassie :)

but bit comet isn't working, nothing...when I click to search for a torrent it does nothing...even when I click to go to the website it won't open a window. but I just noticed it is uploading and it shows something about index.html in the download/upload window

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This forum is not related to bit comet passport.

I suggest you read my announcement regarding passport.

As to why you are unable to use your new version, it is likely your firewall that is blocking it. This client is a completely new program, so you will need to give it permissions in your firewall.

If you continue to have issues with this version, then I recommend you revert back to version .70.


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