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Overwriting RAR files


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Ok... I know this was covered under the newbie's guide, and I know it's probably a stupid question, but I try to extract the downloaded files into a folder and it keeps trying to overwrite the previous file, not combine them. Am I just not understanding the process or what? The files compressed are all of the same name and WinRar keeps trying to overwrite. Maybe I just need to get a book for dummies on this. Thanks for any help you can give.

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It sounds like you have a multiple part .rar archive.

If so, then you only need to extract ONE of them, and no matter which piece you start with, it will extract them all...


There are sometimes when a torrent might contain two or more separate multiple part archives. If this is the case, then you can tell by the file sizes.

For example, if your torrent was about 1400mb, and you extract the first .rar and end up with a 700mb video, you can be sure there is a second archive, also 700mb.

They often have similar names, such as "VideoFilea.rar" and "VideoFileb.rar"

Also note that the second piece of the archive is often called "VideoFilea.r01"

Some archives are called "VideoFile.001" then .002 and so on.

Another possible multipart would be "videofile.part01.rar" "videofile.part02.rar and so on.

Basically, they all work the same, just be sure to compare the file sizes before you delete the archives, or you might miss part of the download.


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You should also look carefully at exactly which file it's trying to overwrite, because this often happens with unimportant files. For example, someone will include an .nfo file with the torrent, and also include that same file within the archive. So it doesn't matter whether you overwrite it or not, they're both the same.

But the easiest way to generally avoid the issue is to extract into a new directory, and to make sure that you tell WinRAR to use pathnames during the extraction. (You should always do that last part regardless.)

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Well, no, you don't really qualify for that. Now if you could ignore a request for details, or decide you didn't need to do some suggested step, then you'd be way ahead at getting on our nerves.

What you have is a type of disk image, either a CD or DVD image. There may be a tiny little .cue file to go with it. What you need to do is burn the image to a disk. (You can do that in fact, or you can do it with a virtual drive like the one provided in Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools. But that's going to get pretty technical pretty fast.)

Most people have a copy of Nero that they got with their drive. If you use that, it helps to think "disk image, disk image" rather than "movie" or "game" when you start Nero. Or you can find and download a freeware tool called ImgBurn, which is what I would suggest.

Then it will be a normal disk of that type, and you can treat it as such.

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Some ISO files (or cue & bin files) are also 'disguised' as a RAR file, but when you go look into the folder with something like Daemon Tools, you'll see that one of the files is loadable into the virtual DVD player that comes with Daemon.

From there on, you can watch the movie/install the game/listen to the CD after having loaded it into that virtual drive, or choose to burn the files to DVD/CD, like you would when making a 'normal' 1:1 copy...

Daemon Tools is freeware and loads *any* existing ISO or related files.

Only files made with PowerISO could cause some difficulties, but they are not as common yet.

PowerISO is shareware, recognizes also most ISO's, but is more aggressive (i.e. when installed next to Daemon, it pushes Daemon off the charts, while Daemon doesn't interfere with PowerISO)

PowerISO is also lacking in that it doesn't support self-extracting ISO's and it's much more complicated to configure than Daemon Tools...

Daemon Tools is easy to instal. Once installed, right-click the system tray icon and choose how many virtual DVD players you want to use. Once you chose the amount (usually just the one), you right-click the icon in the system tray again, and hover yer cursor over "virtuall CD/DVD-rom" in the little pop-up window.

Once hovering there, you'll see another pop-up menu, saying "device 0: [letter of device:] No Media >"

Again, move the cursor, this time over "device 0: [letter of device:] No Media >"... another option will become visible (2 in fact, but you only need the first one): choose "mount Image"...

A small window will open in which you can scroll to the folder that contains the CD/DVD image. You don't need to worry about what files to mount, as normally only the imagefiles will be visible.

Once you have gotten that far, the rest is childs play ;)


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