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help me im a newbie

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I would be glad to help, but need to know exactly what files you are using, and what type of disc you want to make.

For burning disc images, I use Alcohol 120% or Nero, both are good products.

If you want to encode the video to dvd format, then I need to know what files you have.


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I don't have clear idea what yopu want to do but I assume you want to have real DVD.

It is not as simple as you think, though !!!

I assume you are going to have DVD with Movie like "Braveheart", if you like, the disk which you put into DVD Player (standalone) and watch your DVD. It's not about DivX, which most DVD Players can afford now.

However, there are vast number of programs which you can use. Some of them are:

Pinacle Studio,

DVD Lab,

DVDMe (If i remember correctly)

and many many more.



These websites are for you and go there at once and start reading these.

Simply speaking, DVD Lab / DVDLab Pro, for example, is one of the vast number of programs by means of you make image of DVD, because the point is to make image of DVD and then burn it by any standard program you like!!! This program makes VOBs files and those file you can burn by Nero just showing that you would like to burn DVD Video. That type of DVD disc you can put into your DVD Player (standalone) and watch the film like any commercial movie.

However, you need to have MPEG2 to make DVD disc, but you will know it when you go through those webs.

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