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I dunno where my downloaded files are...

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I was downloading the Air artbook, and it says that its done. So i wanna see the scans, but it doesnt show up.

what happened? :(

The files were placed in your preferred download directory -- that's where you told BitComet to put the finished files.

Where's that? Look in your preferences (which is where you set or change things like where you'd prefer to store downloaded files when finished) and see what it says.

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Yeah i set it in a folder, and it doesnt show up and only a artbook.bc shows up.

i dunno what that is.

That should probably be artbook.bc! and that means it's an incomplete download. You'll need to restart the torrent and let it finish.

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Add .bc! Extension to Incomplete File - When this option is enabled, BitComet will add ".bc!" to the end of the file extension. So instead of


the filename will be changed to


in the directory listing. BitComet will change the extension back to normal when the download completes. This is useful because you can tell from a glance at the directory, which files are incomplete. It will also save you the mistake of trying to use an incomplete file.


You don't need to start over. It apparently never finished downloading the first time. You need to let it finish.

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What version of BitComet are you using? I've seen several anecdotes like this since 0.70 came out, but can't run it down as a definite bug.

Anyway, try simply renaming the file (carefully!) to get rid of the ".bc!" extension. Then try using it normally. It's probably safest if you copy the file somewhere else first and work with the copy, just so you can recover from any errors you might make.

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Perhaps you can disable the option to add the .bc to the incomplete files, since it seems to have an issue.

I do however suspect there is a problem with the program, and you might want to consider reinstalling your bit comet.

It would also be a good idea to upgrade to a newer version, as your version has given bit comet a poor standing with private trackers.


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