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Wha is e normal speed

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I'm a first time user, i would like to knoe wha is the average download n upload speed?

I'm using ADSL with download speed of up to 1500kbps and upload speeds of up to 350kbps.

I set my upload speed -30kBs, download speed - no limit and max download stuff as 10.

Is my setting correct, please correct me if i made a mistake.

My download speed is ard 25Kbs. Is it normal cos i see tat other user can get ard 100+Kbs

Is it normal for a 170mb file to take 10 over hr to download?


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There is no standard speed. Download speed depends on several different things, most of which are beyond your control. The biggest factor is the composition of the swarm -- how many people are seeding, how many others are leeching. If the swarm is small, the speed is going to be slow and there's nothing you can do to remedy that. Network congestion is always a factor, as is the general connectivity between you and the peers you've connected to.

As you use Bittorrent for a while, you'll develop a sense of what speeds you can get, and whether there's a problem. But there are no standards.

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Well, if everything is fine, you should get almost all of your download capacity. Another question is how to achieve this...

Use several tasks if they give you little speed being single task running; limit your overall upload speed if you use ((A)DSL) modem; take fresh .torrents rather then old; make sure you're visible=accessible from outside; limit your other programs' downloading... And don't think it's complete list of what you can do ;)

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If u really want to know what is your real download and upload speed, try to use any speed test which is in internet



These addresses if you go there, will help you to configure program:




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thks guys, :D

I successfully downloaded my first anime last nite.. hee hee

But my bitcomet DIE in middle of nite due to unknown reason.

I tried openin the program but got some error from window.

I uninstall n re-installed bit comet and everything is normal again, i hope

Any reason why this might have happened?

ZikO the links u provided are super useful.

A thousand thks to you ppl :D

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I would like to add something that you may not be aware of...

Your isp provides a speed of 1500kb/s

This speed is measured in "k" (1000) "b" (bits) per second

Your bit torrent client measures in kB/s

this speed is measured in "k" (1000) "B" (Bytes) per second

so there are 8 "bits" to equal 1 "Byte"

this will give you a max download rate of 187kB/s

Since there is comunition between you and the tracker, this will make your effective download max more like 150kB/s

Since bit torrent protocall distributes the most data to the clients that upload the most, you are not often going to approach the max download speeds.


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