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How to see whether the download is no hope to wait anymore?

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post-1708-1151677417.jpgI'm a new user. Trying download a file of 164.31MB and after 97.2% downloaded it stopped. I continue downloaded for few days already but download always = 0% and Upload vary between 2KB to 4KB and Health continue to be 0%. What does it means? Shall I give up?
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Well acording to your pic there are zero seeds for that .torrent. You have to have someone with a complete copy uploading the file, there called seeds, to download from. Just look at the health column, if its less then %100 percent then you most likly will not be able to complete the download. If its zero like those ones are then the .torrent is dead. Find a new one.


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Another option would to lookup the tracking web site and request someone to reseed the torrent for you.

I personally avoid torrents that do not have seeds, as in most cases, you can find what your looking for without downloading a dead torrent for days, weeks or longer.


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Health continue to be 0%. What does it means?

"Health" for downloading means how much % you can get from all peers you're connected to right now. Each connected seed gives +100% Health, each connected leecher with xx% gives you (xx-yy)% Health, where "yy" is how much % you've already got (IMO; seems to be true for most cases).

Shall I give up?

~70 hrs of downloading, 160 MB done and 4 MB remaining for RealMedia video file... If I would be in your place, I would:

- stop this task

- find incomplete file

- rename it from .rm.bc! to .rm

- open it in any player supporting .rm

Most video files allow having damaged parts in them without affecting undamaged parts => you can view undamaged parts (over 97% in your case) with video software. Keeping this task running won't hurt your other tasks (no uploads+no downloads for this one plus tracker is connected once each xx minutes), but I doubt it will help. Leave it running only if you really need it to be complete.

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