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accidentally delete a task...

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The "task" is the .torrent file loaded into BitComet. if you didn't delete all of the files as well, then the partial download should still be in the task's download directory, which is your default download directory unless you changed it for the task.

You need to reload the .torrent file, but not start it yet. Then perform a manual hash-check to assure that BC "sees" the incomplete download, and verifies its integrity. The %completed counter should go from 0 to 100% (this is of what's been downloaded so far), then revert back to the % you had actually downloaded. You can then start the task and it will pick up where it left off.

You don't have the .torrent file? You've made a mistake. Create a separate directory for .torrents, and in future download them into that directory instead of opening them directly into BC -- for precisely this reason. Since you didn't, you'll have to remember where you got the .torrent, and go get it again. It must be the exact same file, not just the same content, else you'll have to start over from scratch.

Don't delete the torrent file until you are absolutely certain you will never need it again. You can make cleaning old files out of the torrent directory part of your routine monthly maintenance. (You do perform routine monthly maintenance, adware and virus-scanning, defragging, chkdsking, right?)

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Since you do not specify which version of BitComet you are using... nor anything else (ehem, ehem - please read here ), try going to the location of where your .torrent files are kept - this *might* be C: Program Files BitComet Torrents, depending on the version and OS.

Add the desired .torrent to your task list. If it starts to run, "Stop" it. Right-click on the task and choose "Manual Hash-check". This action will 'force' BitComet to scan your actual download and see what is actually there. You'll see the percentage rise from 0% - 100%, and go back to your true (actual) percentage (if it is a large download, be patient and wait until the Hash-check has finished).

You will now be able to resume downloading from where you last left off, as per usual.

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ok sorry for leaving the important stuff out. OS is vista sp2, bitcomet 1.09.

i know where the incomplete files are, no problem. just so you know, i was downloading something that had 110 folders, 1420 files in it. so each folder has incomplete BC files. what i dont understand is how to get BC to start the download of these files (the whole batch) again. do i have to reload each BC file? how would i do this with so many files?

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Hmm... take another look at what the other two guys told u above. U don't have to reload no BC file, you just have to reload the .TORRENT file, be it located in the C:\Program Files\BitComet\Torrents path or you can try to maybe find it in the C:\Documents and Settings\%YourUserProfile%\Local Settings\Temp path. If you don't have it in neither of these places just go to the site where you picked it in the first place. When you load the .torrent file, in the opened dialog box choose Download later. Then in the task list right-click the new added task and choose Manual hash check. This should turn the task's icon yellow as the percentage goes from 0% to 100% check. When it finishes and turns grey again you should see displayed, the percentage before you deleted it. Now you can hit the Start button and go on with the download from where you left it.

This will all go smooth assuming that you haven't changed the default download folder with a custom one for this specific task, when you downloaded it the first time. If you did, just choose it again in the dialog box after you load the .torrent file.

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