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Tasks Dissappearing after shutdown

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All of a sudden, whenever I shut down Bit Comet......when I start it up again ALL of my download tasks have been removed. I have replaced them several times, but everytime I have to shut the program down the tasks dissapear when I restart. EVERY SINGLE FILE IS REMOVED. Which means I am no longer seeding anything either.

Anyone else have this prob???? I have been using this program for 8 months or so, & this has NEVER happened before! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to have to change Torrent programs.....BUT I am NOT going to add all my tasks & files more than ONE MORE TIME!!

Thx in advance.....................Keither

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Please make sure to post in the proper forum.

Also, since you didn't read this (obvious by its absence), I can only say that your tasks are stored in the file "downloads.xml", which is stored in the program directory. If BitComet can't write to that file for any reason, then the tasks don't get saved. The most-often seen reason for not being able to write to this file is usually a permission problem, with either the file or the progam directory. Another possible reason is that the file has been set to "Read-only" mode.

Which means I am no longer seeding anything either.

I'm not sure if you are referring to the tasks, themselves, or the contents of the torrents - they're stored in the downloads directory that you specify in your Preferences.

*topic moved*

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I fooled around with thn easier way to replace the files without having to re-locate the files online again. I'm hoping this fixed the situation.

As for the seeding....When my files disapeared...I meant they were no longer in my dowloads folder or connected to the prog in ANY WAY. At any rate...I think I fixed er'

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  • 2 weeks later...

hi everyone, i've almost got the same problem here.

i just formatted my pc and installed bitcomet version 1.14 and downloaded a couple of files.

when i close bitcomet and return, the tasks disappeared. the files .bc! stlll exists but the tasks in the program are no longer there.

after this happened i thought it could be due to the program so i uninstalled 1.14 and installed 1.09 (the version i used before i format my pc)

the same problem exist even after i install 1.09, which i have no problems previously.

here are my details:

1) Bitcomet version 1.14 and 1.09

2) Internet connection: Cable

3) Port forwarding to 60000 on Netgear router

4) Windows Vista Home Premium, using the default windows firewall, AVG antivirus

thanks for reading~

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This is like the n-th time people ask about this. Read here.

hi greywizard thanks for the reply :D

but the problem for me is not about continuing but its about having to see the task at all in the main console window.

for my case there is nothing in the console window once i quit bitcomet.

anyways i will try the solution in the links you provided for the xml file when i get home tonight.

however its doesnt seem to be permanent solution for me because if i do manual hash checks everytime i open bitcomet it'll will be tedious~ @.@

what do you reckon?

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Well you didn't clearly specify that Bitcomet deletes your tasklist EVERY TIME you close Bitcomet. This is what you mean now, right? If that is the case, than it means that for whatever reason cannot save the downloads.xml file in the program folder. This would happen because Bitcomet can't write in the file (i.e. the file is readonly or a bunch of other reasons).

Since as you said, you have formatted the system drive that implies you have also installed a fresh copy of a operating system and a new set of application of which everyone could interfere with that. Only you know what changes you have made to the system and for that reason it rests mostly on you to figure out what is going on and why Bitcomet can't write this file.

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erm i did specify when i close bitcomet and return, the tasks disappeared. the files .bc! stlll exists but the tasks in the program are no longer there.

but thanks for the answer anyways :D

guess i have to play with windows settings then, perhaps disabling UAC or related might help... @.@

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Hmm... :rolleyes: I'm not sure if you are a native English speaker but if you analyze closely the first statement of the phrase you made in italics, you will see it's obviously grammatically incorrect. I just assumed you missed two "-ed" in "close" and "return" just like many other members of this forum who aren't exactly friends with the English language.

Anyway the first two things I would check are:

1. The file is not read-only.

2.The permissions of the Bitcomet folder.

Happy hunting!

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It would probably help if you spent some time on the idea of how BitComet handles its task list.

The basic idea is that BC writes the task list to a file, "downloads.xml", located in the program directory. When BC starts up again, then if it has been told to do so in the P/O/W, it reads this file and loads the tasks named therein, from the torrent copies that it keeps in the /torrents folder, also off of the program directory.

Anything that interferes with any part of that sequence, will generate the "disappearing task" issue. If the file can't be written, then of course BC can't read what isn't there, when it restarts. If the file is set to "read-only", then BC can't update it, so when it reads the file at restart, tasks started since won't be there. If you've deleted a torrent from the /torrents folder, BC hasn't got a task to actually start. If BC is running under an account that lacks permission to do any of these things, there will be problems. If the account BC is running under CHANGED since last time, there will be problems.

When you understand what the process is, you can anticipate problems and think of solutions for them.

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greywizard you are correct i'm not a native english speaker lol but hey i'm trying my best! :D

by leaving out "ed" i meant to say it happens everytime i do it... erm right?

so guys i'll try to figure out the xml file and permissions to bitcomet on my pc tonite, will update you guys later :D

dang i hate vista <_<

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i manage to find these cmd and take ownership of the bitcomet folder and my problem is solved.

in case anyone want those code they're here:

takeown /f directory_name /r /d y

icacls directory_name /grant administrators:F /t

Replace file_name or directory_name with actual file name or folder name, with path when applicable. The first command will take ownership of the file or folder specified, and the second command will grant full control permissions to administrators user group. Note that when using command for folders, to command will run recursively. To prevent the task been perform recursively, remove the “/r” and “/t” switch.

Edit by Staff: This advice is not accurate for all windows versions. To properly diagnose the reason your downloads.xml file is not updating we need to know your windows version, and user accounts settings. TuuS
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