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burning dvd,s over 120 mins long


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Hi all

need help , how do i compress (is that the right word?) a dvd which is over 120 mins long to fit on a normal dvd , suggestions for the right software to convert & burn would be appreciated (using dvd flick at the moment) ty

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Well, since you say nothing about your your target video file format (assuming you're talking about video) there isn't much to tell you. Do you want to make a DVD-Video or you want to make an avi, divx, mkv etc. file? Either way you will need to re-encode or transcode your actual video (and audio) streams.

There are two approaches to this (I'm talking here about shrinking a DVD-Video onto a 4.3GB disc and still keeping it DVD-Video): speed over quality and quality over speed.

The former is done by programs with less options to tweak, easier to use and based on transcoders which do the job pretty fast with fairly good quality. The later is the exact opposite; more work to do, needs you to read some guides and understand some basic digital video concepts first, uses high quality encoders, like CCE, which allow you to obtain backup copies of identical quality like the original and takes much more time to get the encoding job done (usually several hours).

Since discussing this in detail is beyond the scope of this forum you can go to www.doom9.org to find detailed guides for both methods as well as the necessary tools. (You will need to go to: Guides-->DVD Backup (DVD/miniDVD)-->DVD backup guides. There you can take you pick.)

Also you can find some guides on DVD backup here. Or feel free to just google it.

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Its possible to simply adjust the bitrate to allow more video to be stored on a dvd disc. If your wanting to convert dvd9 (8.00gb) to dvd5 (4.38gb) then DVDshrink will do this automatically.

Its also possible to convert your 8gb dvd to fit on a CDr disc using Xvid or Kvcd, but I can't teach you video encoding in a forum post.

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