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Bookmarks synchronization Q

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CometMarks is already installed with Cometbird installation.

Do I need to install it again for IE ? I don't feel good with sharing my bookmarks on web access as CM do it. Any others ways to synchronize from CB to IE bookmarks without create an account ?

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Do you actually want to synchronize (active, ongoing) your bookmarks, or just import (one time) them?

I prefer to synchronize my bookmarks, regularly. I would like to update my IE favorites with the CB's one. I don't plan to use IE as a daily browser, but nevertheless, I want to keep update these favorites.

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CometMarks is already installed with Cometbird installation.
If you want to sync your BC bookmarks to your IE, you will need to install CometMarks for IE. And no need to create a new account if you have an Comet passport already. After installation finished, there will be a CometMarks icon appears in the system tray, and when you login your passport, you will be able to use your bookmarks in BC in your IE browser. Like I said, CometMarks wiki has detailed guide if you have any question during the process.

There is no need to import.

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Ashanta, I can understand you feeling uneasy about storing bookmarks on the web. I also feel uneasy about CometMarks because you can't delete your own account.

But consider what would happen if your computer were stolen or damaged, or if your software became hopelessly corrupted and you had to reformat and reinstall? You would lose all of your bookmarks along with everything else.

Sure, you could rebuild them in time. Maybe you could restore them from backup, though many people overlook backing things like this up. With CometMarks though, you'd just need to reinstall a web browser(s), download & reinstall CometMarks, and all of your bookmarks could be restored, (and in their current state, not as they were last time you remembered to back them up).

If you're in a different location, with someone else's computer and need a bookmark, you can use CometMarks to get them.

Still, I DO wish it were possible to delete your CometMarks account.

What you can do is export your bookmarks from IE into a file, and import that file into CometBird. That's two steps and it's clumsy (as you'll see if you've ever tried importing).

You should actually try it first, and see what you'd be dealing with. You'll have your imported bookmarks brought over in their own submenu, so you'd want to move the new ones over into your regular menu, then delete the new submenu... try it, you'll see what I mean.

I'm not nearly as familiar with importing into IE, so you'd have to work out going the other way. Not nearly as handy as real synching, but better than nothing.


Oh, and to answer your question, CometMarks is a plug-in/add-on, so yes, you need to install it into each (supported) browser you want to use it with. Since Firefox/Mozilla/SeaMonkey can have completely separate instances, you need to install it into each instance of these that you want to use.

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  • 2 years later...

I've problem logging on CometMarks to sync my bookmarks on my home computer...

It works fine on my office computer...

The logo on the browser shows orange in color....

but in Settings, it shows in Gray...

When I key in the Username and Password, and pressed "Synchronize Now"....

Nothing happen?

And, when I re-open the settings.... the Username and Password disappeared...

Please advise... Thanks.

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