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BitComet adds the .bc! file extension to all the incomplete files until the task progress reaches 100%. If this wouldn't have happened you would have wasted a CD/DVD on a broken file; so don't worry, be happy. If you have problems reaching 100% stop the task and do a manual hash check then start the task again. :)

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When I download a movie it has started saving the file as a bit comet file whereas previously it was saving a media player.

By "BitComet file", do you mean that it appeared with the orange BitComet icon to the left? What is the extension/format of the file (eg - .avi, .bc!, .rar, etc.)?

If it's, as Vasy says, a .bc! extension, it means that the download is not complete. If it's an different format, please specify.

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Additionally I'll add that the extension .BC! is an option that you can disable. I can't tell you exactly where the option is because you didn't include the information your asked to provide, such as the version of bitcomet that your using, but I'm sure you can find the setting easy enough, but please be through in providing information in the future, it will save you time and get you accurate answers, and free up our staff from answering topics only to request info.

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