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Port TCP/UDP working but NAT Port mapping failed ?


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Oh sorry ...

bitcomet version 1.16

internet connection 100mbps

modem mio box type 2701HGV-E // forward port not sure as in??

Firewall Kaspersky Internet Security + Anti virus

speed related issue does emule slows down the dl? coz i dling a file which has 80kb/s when i dled it... it became 50kb/s+ ....

thanks for the help ...

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The eMule plugin does not somehow magically increase your bandwidth. When it is active, the bandwidth that eMule takes must come from somewhere, which is from the speed of your Bittorrent download.

If you have a 100 MB/s connection, and eMule is taking 20 of that, then there's only 80 left for Bittorrent.

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firstly ... how do i remove the emule plugin to download faster??

My OS is Mircosoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, build 2600) //(asking why u said alas you don't want us to know your OS)//

Here it goes ...

when i checking my statistics .... i always check my UDP/TCP and nat port mapping ...

when UDP/TCP is working and the NAT port mapping is also working ...

but after a while NAT port mapping failed ... then i go below the listen port there do UPNP port mapping again it works at first after that it change back to failed ...

Sometimes it put

here's all the info

TCP Connections: Established: 0 [MAX:Unlimited] / Half-Open: 0 [MAX:10]



Listen Port of TCP: 9053 (Opened in Firewall/Router)

Listen Port of UDP: 9053 (Opened in Firewall/Router)

Windows Firewall: Added <--- (sometimes put TCP opened, UDP Opened)

NAT port mapping: Failed [2Wire, Inc. (http://www.2wire.com/)]


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firstly ... how do i remove the emule plugin to download faster??

You got this backwards. What kluelos explained to you was the reason why you might see different speeds. The point is that if eMule is downloading, the data downloaded will go into the same task file, so, it doesn't slow you down. It's meant to help, especially with torrents which have no seeds and otherwise could not be finished downloading.

However, there are some people which simply don't want it. If you're among them, go to Options-->ED Task and disable the plugin.

As for your other problem, first of all, your Mio 2701HGV-E is a modem-router integrated device. So, you definitely need a form of port forwarding (mapping) in order for BitComet to work fine.

The NAT port mapping status you see on the Statistics tab, refers to automatic UPnP port mapping. It's what BitComet attempts to do automatically, to save you the trouble of configuring your router. This uses, in combination, the Windows UPnP implementation and the UPnP implementation of your router. They have to both be enabled. And what's more, they have to agree with each other.

Unfortunately, some routers have UPnP implementations which simply don't work, most of the time.

Here is a detailed step by step guide for successfully setting port forwarding both the UPnP way and the manual way (which you'll have to follow if the former doesn't work). In fact I would recommend going directly for a manual port forwarding since it's the most sure way. But choose as you like. Add Port Mapping in NAT Router.

Keep in mind that you will also have to open for inbound connections the listen port of BitComet, in all of the software firewalls which are running (you seem to have at least 2 at this point) on your system. By the way, it's a real pain running several firewalls at once, you won't get more protection, just more headaches.

I recommend you to use a listen port for BitComet, above 49152, too.

Read the guide carefully, and if you have any questions come back.

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Hey if like this how??? when i do the router thing .. i don't have the internet thing .... and those i tried not working .. but the manaual 1st once i stuck on the last 2-3 step that a thing will pop out mine got but doesn't have the internet thingy ...

hope my attactment will helps me ... thanks

Thanks to ur advise of emule for not uninstalling now my download speed is faster than upload speed =D ...

is it when i got the green light listen port enable will do??


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Never upload BMP images on a forum (or webpage for that matter). For the rest of viewers it's like entering a strip club, just to see some girl dancing in your grandma's panties (a.k.a. a major turnoff).

No one will wait the 30+ seconds that it takes just to start seeing your posted image. A simple JPEG compression brought your image from over 1MB to 48KB, as you can see.

Unfortunately, I can't make heads or tails of your first posted phrase; your English seems to be way of the grid. And words seem to come expensive too, where you live now.

But indeed the screenshot helps. Whenever you have a green status light that means you have an open listen port for BitComet, no matter what the Statistics page tells you.

As I said, the Statistics tab only tells you if UPnP mapping succeeded. But you can have an open port without using UPnP.

So, as long as you're "green" everything's fine in that department.

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ok thanks ... between please excuse me about that .. because i'm still learning how to speak and type good english.. sorry about that ....<BR>thanks for you advice ... i will keep that in mind...<BR>hmm can you explain a little more about  "my english seems to be way of the grid" mean?<BR>thanks ..

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