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Wrong Download size

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Hello Friends,

I have a question about the download size. I used bitcomet for the first time this week and i downloaded something with a size of 2.55 GB. Later when i looked Bitcomet says that the total download size is 6+ GB. How is this possible when the file is only 2.55 GB. My Ratio is now also to low of this because i have to upload 6+ GB. Can anyone explain this to me? I have a screenshot. Thanks!


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The probable cause for those readings in BitComet is garbage data. As you can see here in the Wiki, the values you indicate, stand for the total amount of data transferred by BitComet not only for valid data. Therefore, the difference between the real task size and what your client downloaded, accounts for rubbish.

The share ratio, is not being affected by the fact that you have downloaded 6GB instead of 2GB (As you can see you've uploaded already 2.67GB of raw data and downloaded 6.39. By your reasoning the share ratio should be 2.67/6.39 = 0.41 not 0.65 as it is now).

In my opinion, this is caused by the fact that your client is transferring rubbish data in both ways (that is, upstream too). You can see that you already uploaded more than the size of the task and yet your share ratio is still under 1.

If you use a router your problem might lie there. Try taking it out of the loop and see if that improves things for you.

There is also the possibility that the swarm of that torrent has peers which send a lot of bad data.

This is amplified by the fact that your torrent uses 4MB pieces, which is up to the higher piece limit, therefore any piece discarded accounts for 4MB of useless data at once (most torrents use piece size between 256KB and 1MB).

This is one of the known drawbacks for using big piece sizes at the creation of a torrent.

See this Wiki FAQ topic for more info.

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Hello, I asked our team. This is a data report error, which is usually happen to large files. During your download, someone you connected to are uploading to your wrong data, his progress is 0, but it shows he is uploading to you. This one caused the wrong total task size. If you found that peer, remove it from the peerlist, things will get back to be normal.

But please do not worry, these wrong data is not actually downloaded, but BitComet thought it was, so the share ratio is counted based on this wrong number.

Another thing is why the share ratio is 0.65 instead of 0.41(as greywizard said). Here long-time seeding upload is included in the total uploaded size. That explains why it's bigger than it supposed to be.

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  • Don't jump into the middle of somebody else's topic like this, it's really rude. Start your own.
  • Start a topic in the correct forum.
  • Read the READ BEFORE POSTING topic and abide by it
  • Does it just not even occur to you that anyone who even tries to be of help would need a great deal more information?

  • Start your own topic
  • Do it in the correct forum
  • Provide all of the requested information
  • Provide the logically-necessary information
  • Don't continue a discussion in the wrong topic.

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Your question is not related to this user's post.

This topic is called "Wrong download size" as in wrong size of the downloaded files.

Your error message is about the .torrent file which is a whole different matter. So either you didn't really bother to actually read the topic before posting or you didn't really understand its contents.

You see, posting a question in a topic non-related with your problem, usually, is like telling the other guy who posted before, to shut up and step aside because you came in.

This actually is the right section for your problem (kluelos just gave you a set of pointers for posting, seeing that you're rather clueless) but you'll have to start your own topic and definitely provide more information following the steps he suggested, since your message is contradictory and confusing.

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All right, all right. Let's all calm down, shall we? :)

Derymel, you have to understand that, yes, genuine mistakes can and are made, so we make members aware of it (that's why kluelos advised you about it). You also have to understand, though, that the Staff here (all are volunteers) go through each and every post made, on a daily basis, and more often than not, new members (and, sometimes, not so new...), try to hijack other posters' threads, in an attempt to give priority to their own problems.

This is neither liked by the original author, nor us (as you can imagine), as it can get pretty confusing, if someone else (who is using the Search function, for example) is trying to follow the replies.

Take a look at other sites where this happens... sometimes, it's very hard to distinguish what is being said and to whom... ;)

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