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scheduled download not working properly


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hi i want to report a bug that the scheduled download is not working properly this is for the task which has been deleted once and they are again added by hash check like i add a task of 7 gb and then for some reason i need to reinstall my os ie windows xp after that after the installation is completed of my os i intalled the bitcommet software and added the task which were previously i was downloading i added the task hash checked it and so all my scheduling stuff but now the scheduling does not work the task start automatically in the non scheduled time check out the photo. check out in the attachment the scheduled task is enabled but the task is still running for that today my 1.5 gb data download from the charged which will cost me 500rs extra for this bad software and also i cant be able to use the internet for this month my plan has got 2.5 gb free and 2am to 8 am is unlimited it went to 3 gb for this worse software plz help

email any help to yarragav@gmail.com

see the photo go to the link



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1. Please make use of proper punctuation (commas, periods, etc.)

2. If you are reporting a "bug", you have posted in the wrong forum.

3. The Tech Support staff (along with all other Staff members) are unpaid volunteers who donate their little free time, in order to help other users. When in need of help, you'd be far wiser to politely ask for it, than to demand it (You can catch many more flies with honey, than with vinegar.)

4. You ask "where r u"... well, in all likelyhood, they are still trying to understand your original post. Lack of proper punctuation makes reading it more than difficult.

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I can't reproduce your error at all.

Besides, I can see that one of your tasks is stopped by Scheduler while another isn't. You should try and pinpoint all the differences between the 2 tasks and their properties.

You should test some more and see in which conditions it appears (only one task or several, what connection/task speed settings etc.)

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well i checked out the properties of both they r same for sure the only difference between the task is that the task which is in downloading status is added previously means i was downloading before.for some reasons i need to reinstalled the win xp and after that i installed the bitcommet software and added the task again by adding the torrent and downloading at the same place where it was downloading before i then hash checked the task and downloaded started the problem arise with this type of task only i doesn't stop with the scheduler if u have problem in understanding plz send me a email i will send my mobile no and will talk with u

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i checked with more task the problem has risen it is downloading anyone of the task i added around 10 task one task is running always when i removing the task any one of them is starting from random i dont know what to do i reinstalled bitcommet software for three time

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It's true. I was able to reproduce your error now.

In the case when there are multiple tasks running, it seems that one of them remains running when the Scheduler kicks in and stops the tasks.

This looks like a bug, so I'll move your thread to the Bug Reports section.

Hopefully, this will be fixed in the next version.

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