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Need Auto UPNP


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Thanks for the good done here by BitComet team.

Me and many other users would be much thankful if you could make auto UPNP.

I work in a company where most of PC users are using different torrent programs to download.

As internet stop (or get very slow) at some PC due to downloading load some workers restart the router (which is located at my office)thinking and complianing about the line problem.

When they do this BitComet get stopped and mostly not start downloading again (this is my problem).

While some programs get restart by it-self again like BitTorrent.

How I know this I use WinArpSpoofer to check received data.

So when ever I went out of office then I found BitComet is offline when I back

while my manager who is mostly out our office program is working.

Maybe you will thought somebody is stopping my BitComet but this happend even when I am at office.

Can you solve this problem, please????????????????????????????

I like BitComet and I want to continue use it.

Thanks indeed.

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I do not see where you think UPnP comes into this.

When you say that BitComet goes offline, precisely what happens? Is BC still attempting to connect to the tracker? Is it succeeding? Is it attempting to contact other peers? Cycling the router should not affect either of these, which means that BC should still be operating.

UPnP might be an issue that would slow you down, but would not stop you. If you're stopped, something else is going on. We need a better explanation.

BitComet does support UPnP, but the implementation of it is really sketchy in many routers. Most office-grade equipment doesn't support it anyway, since admins don't want their routers reconfiguring themselves. Apparently you're looking for something else.

You might want to look at your BitComet configuration, because bittorrent will snatch all of the bandwidth it's allowed to. You need to restrain it, and to make sure everyone else restrains their clients. If you are routinely interfering with everyone else you'll probably get bittorrent banned altogether.

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Dear kluelos.

Thanks for your relpy.

At the time I am writing this relpy BitComet Download and Upload speed is 0 kb/s.

I set at the office to monitor what is going on, the only thing was done here is somebody remove the line cable and he place it back.

Well my BitComet does not start downloading / uploading at all I wait for about 10 minutes but it doesn't started yet.

I close program and start it. It connect at 120 kb/s !!!!!!!

Really I don't know what is the problem.

But this means I need to look after the BitComet while my manager for example doesn't need to do so.

Please help.


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So, basically what you say is that if for some reason your connection to the Internet gets cut out for a while (for whatever reason), when it gets back online, BitComet doesn't pick up its downloads but instead it stays at 0KB/s for all the running tasks.

Is that it?

What OS do you use?

What BitComet version?

How many peers does BitComet report after your Internet gets back online?

What does the Peers tab and the Trackers tab show?

Provide and answer to all these questions. And some screenshots of BitComet with Peers and Trackers tabs selected would help.

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Yes dear

Is that it?

Yes, it is

What OS do you use?

Win XP Pro

What BitComet version?

1.17 with eMule plugin

How many peers does BitComet report after your Internet gets back online?

I don't know

It only me and my manager at our office.

But as I look for my manager PC.

I realized that his BitTorrent is reconnected automaticlly when there is interpution.

While my BitComet doesn't do so.

So I close it and restart it then it works normally.

What does the Peers tab and the Trackers tab show?

I am not sure. I will feed you back later about this.


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