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Frozen by ScrLock?

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Hey all

As you might see (if there's a post counter here) I'm new here, and I've been using BitComet for a week or three ;)

I changed from µtorrent, as my firewall software for some reason couldn't cooperate with it O.o

Well, anyway, that's not my question.

Here it goes.

I have an old computer, that has a hard time working with my up/down speeds AND making other stuff at once (100/100 Mb connection + Slow computer ≠ Anything good)

But I'm still wondering a bit about my speeds, and saw on the peers that it is saying "..Frozen by ScrLock".

My first question is; Does this affect my speeds? (I read in your wiki, but didn't understand what it meant)

- If no, than reading further isn't neccessary, just answer the first question ;)

-If yes ... Is there any way to disable this? Because, i bought a new keyboard at the beginning of 2010, and, it has built in light. The problem is, the makers of this keyboard made the "smart" and unused button, ScrollLock, to the on/off switch for the lighning - and it's wired like that, because i dont have the drivers to the keyboard installed (they destroyed the keyboards compability with .. everything)

So .. Are there any way to disable this if it affects my speed up/down?



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No, it doesn't affect your speed, it just freezes the peers tab (just the user interface, not the actual transfers). I don't see an important reason for monitoring the peers tab if everything else is working as it should.

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You may wish to reconsider your answer, and power of BitComet. There is good reason to not have this window locked. If it was not locked you can freeze or boot peers that are leaching, when it's frozen you can't accurately see what the peers are feeding you. Quit frankly IT SUCKS. I hope I can find a way to disable it.

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I hope I can find a way to disable it.

What are you talking about?

Don't you have a keyboard on your computer?

YOU enabled the ScrollLock function and also you can very easily switch it off, too. If you don't know how to do THAT, well... you'll have to go and apply to MIT. B)

(Or you could try the key next to NumLock... but don't tell anyone I've let you know this big secret. It's a real conspiracy out there man...)

Anyway, BitComet doesn't have any control over the ScrollLock function, it just responds to it by freezing some dynamic stats.

On another line of thought, sometimes LIFE sucks, in general.

Politicians certainly suck. Governments and taxes suck.

Wars suck.

Idiots multiplying exponentially by the year, suck.

Compared to all those above, IT looks like heaven. ;)

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wouldn't it be nice if bitcomet would unfreeze simply by pressing the "ScrLock" button on the keyboard... oh wait, it already does that...

But seriously, the option to freeze the list is necessary so you can actually read it. The data changes so rapidly that it would be impossible to read in real-time. Also, if your going to ban peers because of your limited perception that they are leeching, then your going to only be harming yourself. Bittorrent protocol already gets you the best peers you can support, and if your uploading to a peer and they don't return, they will be dropped, but since your cutting off the upload to specific peers, your forcing them to drop you, so bitcomet has no where to look but down the list, giving you lesser and lesser peers.

If you feel you know better and can think faster then a computer, then go ahead, but I strongly suggest you let the protocol do what it's designed to do and not waste time booting a peer because you don't know why your uploading to it.

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I thought illuminated keyboards were a joke when I first ran across them. Seriously. I was waiting for the punchline. "Yeah, and ???"

To the extent that I would try to type in the dark, my computer screen is very, very bright and illuminates the keyboard and desk quite nicely, so it seems kinda pointless. Well, I'm told they look cool when the screen's off and the lights are out. Far be it from me to harsh anybody's light show, I still want the "computer" wall from the SeaView myself.

But the idea of tying the illumination switch to the ScrLock key was world-class stupid. I would try very hard to get an RMA on that keyboard. They must have saved at least a quarter, maybe even a half-dollar, by not putting in an extra switch. If you just can't, then you may have to live with nonfunctional illumination, or write it off to experience. Don't forget to send them a letter of complaint about it, the manufacturer might do something about it.

But you really can't make fast-enough decisions to manage peers effectively, and you just don't have enough information to do it anyway. You don't know the whole story and can't say with any surety who's leeching. You CAN boot off the only peer that has the piece you need, because you thought you could do it, thus shooting yourself in the foot. Loss of the ability to manage that isn't really a loss at all. You may just want to live with it, as far as Bitcomet is concerned. But as far as every other app goes, I bet it drives you crazy before very long.

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