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uses bandwidth for no use even no task is downloading

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hi I want to say that bit comet uses the bandwidth even I am not downloading anything from the internet like I am showing u the photo which shows my internet connection status of half min with the bitcomet software running and without the bitcomet software running check the difference between the usage of with the bitcomet running and without running see the link for better view of photo http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_DRYLQJDCuRI/S7M5m0Ash2I/AAAAAAAAAoU/P3Tw4t9aI2w/s1600/bitcomt.JPG

It is basically four photo attach to make one the first photo on left above shows the status of my internet connection at 46.30 min the sent bytes is 4339585 and received bytes is 20658935 bytes

2nd shows the status after 30 sec it’s sent is 4348177 and received is 20671267 bytes

The difference is in sent is 8592 and received is 12332 like this bytes does not make any difference to me it’s very less

But in case when I run the bitcomet application without downloading any file or downloading files but blocked by scheduled download by bitcomet the status shows

In the third photo like down left shows the status of my internet connection at 48.30 min the sent bytes is 4385939 and received bytes is 20717526 bytes

Last photo down right shows the status after 30 sec it’s sent is 4756367 and received is 21356422 bytes

The difference is in sent is 370428 and received is 638896 that means its 600 kb download and 400kb upload for no use like 1 mb per half min

I just today left for one hr with the bitcomet software application running and also the internet connection the software download around 100 mb of no use

Plz look into my matter I want that bitcomet doesn’t use any data usage of mine if it is not running any task

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Well, he seems to complain that there's a lot of traffic on the network when BitComet is running, even though there are no running tasks. He claims that he's seen as much as 100MB of download within one hour.

But the only evidence provided to support that is the network status dialog box in Windows. For what we know, there could be another application/process generating that traffic, totally unrelated to BC and only coincidentally running at the same time.

@ yarragav: You should disable DHT, LT-Seeding, eMule plugin and Torrent Exchange. Then verify again if you encounter increased traffic.

A faster and smarter option would be to use a network traffic analyzer such as Wireshark to see exactly which application is generating traffic and on what protocol as well. But that requires a bit of protocol knowledge.

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This could very well be normal operation of LongTermSeeding, but some testing would need to be done to confirm this. The easy way would be simply turning the option off and seeing if the usage stops. However, LTseeding is something that is really desirable for many users, it can greatly increase your download performance, and even revive dead torrents, but like all users on a limited bandwidth connection, you have to set limits on how much you allow it to use. I won't address that topic here, but it's been mentioned many places in the forum.

Additionally, I see nothing at all in this topic that relates to "Feature Requests", so I'm going to move this topic to one of the help sections. If the original poster can explain to me where the "request" is in this topic, then I'll consider moving it back.

*moved to bitcomet general discussion*

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it can happen that a user can't be available for some day i am a student was with the exams!!!!!!!!

well in this case i tried to use wire shark i too much complicated i surppose but i send u all the status i found after the test running normally without any type of application and for 30 sec and running with bitcomet status for 30 sec like now what do u say i have also uploaded the exported files for wire shark download it from here


see the photos for the status



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Well, you've been away for more than a few days; it's actually been a month and a half, so you can't possibly expect anyone to remember what your issue is, when coming back after such a long time.

The mods have to actually go through the whole topic again to even remember what this was about.

It would actually help a lot more if you told us what was your IP and your BitComet listen port, so that we could spot easier the traffic belonging to BitComet (at least the incoming one).

Furthermore, have you applied the advice I gave you in my previous post, to check if you still get increased traffic?

You have yet to determine that the extra traffic belongs to BitComet not simply assume that.

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I've already downloaded the capture file before asking for your IP. I could probably determine it from scrutinizing the file but I don't really feel like fishing for your IP through several hundred lines of capture just because you're too lazy to tell me your public IP.

If you feel strong about your privacy, you can send it to us in a PM.

We just need to be aware of your public IP before starting to inspect the capture file so that I can differentiate the incoming traffic from the outgoing one, from the very beginning.

It would be helpful if you told us as well, for which network interface you did the capture, if Wireshark was running in promiscuous mode or not and what is your network setup (router, modem, Internet connection, how many PCs and how are all these connected between them).

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The IP address that you gave me is not present in the Wireshark capture file that you uploaded. Therefore I'm going to assume that your IP address in the capture file was the one with the same /16 subnet mask as the one you gave me.

It probably changed by DHCP in the meantime.

All that I can see in your capture file is lots of UDP datagrams, outgoing or incoming on the BitComet UDP port. However, virtually no TCP traffic whatsoever. In BitComet most of the UDP traffic is generated by DHT.

But I've already told you do disable DHT, LT-Seeding, eMule and Torrent Exchange ina previous post and YOU SAID THAT YOU DID THAT! And you complained that you saw no difference.

i have already made disable DHT, LT-Seeding, e Mule plugin and Torrent Exchange u can see in the photograph there is no task running

Then tell me how come that you have most of the traffic occurring using the UDP protocol on the BitComet UDP port?

Besides, even in the screenshots you posted, the Status Bar of BitComet shows that DHT is enabled!

If you really want to find solutions for your problems, you need to really start paying attention to what advice others give you.

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sir i am sorry about i was not aware of what dth is now i can see the changes in bitcomet its working fine thanks,not using any single bandwidth in any time many thanks u don't know the value of this for me now i can download freely with no tension but can u add a feature like u said that disable dth while scheduler off the task

anyways thanks case resolved

thanks bitcomet

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