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1kb/s Dl, 20 out of 100 seeds connected


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Certainly not, what I do know is when I have posted before, I have gone into detail and at length and never had an answer. So, If someone, perhaps yourself, wishes to help me with my problem I will provide all the details as requested. I am not going through it all again merely to be ignored, yet again.

Ironic how you have responded to my minimalist post this time.

Thank you anyway.


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I beg to differ, hobbitual.

I've just checked and re-read each of your other posts and I regret to report the following:

  1. They have all been replied to -i.e. none were ignored.
  2. Each of your initial posts have the same lack of information and detail (even though you were given a link to the bare minimum information that was required).

Just so there is absolutely no ambiguity concerning what information is required by ALL posters - each and every time that they start a thread (having more than 54,000 members can put a strain on anyone's memory, if you think that one is able to remember what/how each member's system is set up, from one post to the next), I will point to, yet again, the same link--> here, while adding that you must be able to include the maximum amount of detailed information (speed test results, the settings that you're using, which Tutorial/s you have followed, etc.) possible - the more, the better (this, by the way, also includes the proper/accurate measures/units used - eg. 1 KB/s = 8 Kb/s).

Would you like to, perhaps, try again?

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If your problem is the speed of your download, there's an entire section of the FAQ devoted to it, plus the topics about that in our Guides and Tutorials forum. Did you peruse any of these?

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I only remember the second link. My son probably did the other.

I do not, however, understand with such a workload to cope with, how three moderators have found time to prove my observations wrong with such enthusiasm. Whilst not actually helping me with the problem, a strange use of your valuable time. Also, why did I get the reply about a car needing repair, Is that my doing? I am disabled and I do have an occasional lapse of memory, my son also uses my account especially if something is downloading at the time. Nevertheless, I have gone through my email and the notifications I have had in the last 24 hours are the only ones I have ever had. I knew the mail looked unfamiliar to me so I checked.

Thanks anyway

I still have to find out what to do about my dl speed.

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Well, you can either try to solve the mystery by yourself or if you want others' help, you can try to comply and provide as much info as possible.

Along with the info requested repeatedly you can also add stuff like: screenshots, steps that you tried and anything else that would introduce everybody else in your little BitComet universe.

As far as notifications go, that's not really something you should blame on this forum or something that we really care about. If you have a really stringent issue one could assume that you can bother yourself to login on the forum and check if your thread had any replies.

Complaining to us that an email notification never reached your Inbox and thus you are excused to blame us for not responding your to topic (without checking the actual thread) is a little bit funny, at best.

As for answering without giving you any solution to your problem, we seem to have been touched by the same spirit which made you post yet another 3 times in this thread alone, only to complain instead of providing the info you should have given in the first place, should you really have wanted an answer. B)

We occasionally enjoy ourselves having meaningless conversations like this. It's somewhat refreshing after a whole day's load.

Peace mate! ;)

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Oh, so your silly answers are not you being flippant, just a stress reliever? Doesn't help me much though does it, I didn't think moderators did that type of thing. This is all very silly, the fact that you just wish to win an argument with me.

I have sourced and solved my problem elsewhere. What a strange bunch you are, regardless of my shortcomings.

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I Also, why did I get the reply about a car needing repair, Is that my doing?

Yeah. You're a little dense. Well, no, a lot dense, and it was a vain hope that you MIGHT understand the analogy -- that if you don't tell the mechanic what's WRONG with the car, he has a much harder time fixing the car. See?

It's like, a comparison of the two tasks. It applies, really to any sort of task where you don't adequately communicate your issues with the people trying to help you.

Do you understand?

You need to write clearly and completely, and perhaps ask someone else to read your message before you send it, to see if THEY grasp what you're talking about, or if they don't understand because you have not communicated clearly or you have omitted actually saying things that you thought. Since you are, as you say, disabled, you should have the time to think about what you are typing before you send it.

As for what we do with our time, we are all unpaid volunteers, and our time is actually not yours to waste. Believe it or not. And we actually get a little peeved when you do that -- especially when you do it repeatedly.

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