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About " How to disable the "double click to close tab" function in CometBird" topic

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Im not quite sure why theyve pinned this topic now


if it was told a long time ago


They should have pinned that topic instead, its more helpful. It was 4 me at least :)


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Well, Jennifer, nobody is arguing that the older topic you cited wasn't useful, at least to you. :P

However, this issue has popped up repeatedly in the forums lately and I guess Vasy felt that a pinned, "clean" and locked topic dealing with the issue, was needed (something along the lines of a mini-guide).

The other was cluttered with several posts more or less unrelated to the main issue of the topic, along with the answer that was given to you.

Besides, I don't even know if Vasy has read the older topic, recently.

Anyway, IMHO the actual pinned one has a couple of advantages over the old one:

  • It contains all the info in a single post which is the first and only post of the topic (i.e. an new user searching for answers doesn't have to read questions first and then the answer somewhere lower on the page), therefore is much easier to follow;
  • It contains screenshots of the dialog boxes and menus described (which may come in handy for people that have difficulties translating mentally, written instructions into 2D images). And trust me, you wouldn't believe how many of those there are, out there.

Besides, this new topic (as most of the guide-like topics on the forum) is locked, whereas the older topic, where the same question has been answered for you, is still open for anyone who still has something to add or ask about the subjects under discussion.

This isn't about taking credit for the info posted; it's just about providing an answer to a question which occurs rather often, in the form of a clean post, structured like a mini-guide.

If KNTRO should have taken the time to write a separate post in this form for the sole purpose of being pinned on top of the page for everybody's perusal, I'm positive that anyone of the moderating staff would have done it gladly. ;)

That goes, as well for the Foxit Reader post made recently. If made in the form of a sigle-post, impartial, impersonal mini-guide, we'll be happy to pin it, since it's useful info and input from forum's users is appreciated.

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