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Auto Shut Down

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I've been using bitcomet for at least 2 years without problem. However over the past 2 weeks the program will log on, begin downloading as usual, but after 3 min will shut itself down. The icon in the system tray stays on until you drag your over it then it will disappear. I began having the problems with vs. 1.21 and hoped that the upgrade would fix the problem but unfortunately it still does it. I have tried both sprint wireless aircard and my sprint HTC Evo which was working fine before 2 weeks ago. The port is automatically set to find per the program. I use Windows Vista and PC Tools as a firewall and have the windows firewall turned off. The speed test results where - ping 317 ms, d/l was .96 mb/s, u/l was .39 mb/s, ISP Sprint PCS. Event log showed event ID 7036, Admin events - error source CAP 12, Event ID 11. And System - source PCT Core Event ID 267. Whatever help would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need any more info. Thanx!!

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Hmm... weird.

Have you checked first that the Auto-Shutdown function, under the Tools menu is disabled?

If that's not the culprit, I would incline to think that BitComet is being closed by another process (i.e. your security software, perhaps). If it would crash, normally there would be a crash report built.

You should try to uninstall whatever, security software you have installed (PC Tools included) and see if it still does that.

Also, when you double-click on a event in the event log you will get a more detailed explanation of it.

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