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MPCStar & Divx file format


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Does MPCStar play the Divx file format? I had to re-install my OS and programs etc... and I haven't had many divx file types but I did have a separate divx player before and I am answering a question on another forum and about audio offset and that MPCStar has a built in audio offset. I am also lauding the benefits of MPCstar too while I'm at it as I love the player better than any of the others I have tried VLC etc... Anywho from what I remember I didn't think that MPCStar did play divx or I wouldn't have had to get it in the first place. I don't have a divx movie to try and i don't see the format listed in the file types and a Google search had no real luck as it was only the dodgy sites (according to the WOT addon I use and trust it's great by the way) that said it did. Non of the reputable ones had a mention of divx and MPCStar together. So does it and if not is there a codec u can get for the MPC player so that it will? Thanks

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DivX, in this context, can mean two completely different things.

First, there is the program, or rather, programs, which encode video. There''s a "regular" flavor, and an .h264 flavor. The resulting encoded video stream usually ends up inside a container such as the popular .avi container. The project which ended up in DivX was originally open-source, but forked, The free, open-source fork is known as XVid, and the two are completely interchangeable. XVid encoding is considerably more common and popular than DivX. MPCStar comes with codecs to handle these, and this shouldn't even be an issue.

Second, there is the proprietary DivX container. This is very rarely used, indeed it's so rare that most of us don't have/have rarely seen a video file using it. The .avi and .mkv containers are far, far more popular. The equally proprietary .wmv format accounts for most of the remainder of videos you'll normally find for movies.

Therefore, when the discussion turns to "supporting" DivX, make sure you know which question you're asking, and which question is being answered.

I don't know whether MPCStar supports the DivX container, and as I indicated, I haven't got an example to test on. If you do, I'd suggest you just try it and see. You should see the movie if it does, or get an error message if it does not. Meantime, perhaps we'll get an answer from the staff.

It seems likely that if you have the actual DivX software installed, then MPCStar will likely be able to extract from the DivX container, but DivX isn't free. You might have it installed in conjunction with some other software.

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In answer to the first reply. I went to the page you linked me to and I didn't find the divx file extension mentioned and in mpcstar I don't see it either.

And in answer to the second reply I mean being able to play a divx movie via the tiger player.

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Define "divx movie".

And in order to make sure that the definition is something we care to hear, let me help you by synthesizing kluelos's post. There are 2 main things that you need to acknowledge when discussing about a video file:

1. Container format (e.g. AVI, MPG, MKV, MP4, DIVX, etc.);

2. Encoding format (e.g. MPEG 4 - ASP format implemented by encoders such as XviD, DivX, etc. or MPEG 4 - AVC/H.264 format implemented by encoders such as x.264, NeroDigital AVC, MainConcept, etc. and the list can go on for pages).

So, take your pick and try to rephrase your question.

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  • 10 months later...

MpcStar will play DivX video in an .avi container. If it does not play DivX in a .divx (obscure and rarely used container), then we should submit this as a feature request.

I will alert development to this.

I don't have any video in a .divx container to test, so if someone has a small sample to provide, I'd be grateful.

files <2mB can be uploaded to a post or send as attachment in a PM. Larger files should be hosted on an external server, or provide a torrent file or magnet link.

Also, if someone cares to try a test, copy your file.divx to file.avi and see if it plays. If it does, then it may just be setting your file associations so that .divx files are associated with mpcstar.

edit: I found an internet source for the movie "Metropolis1925.divx", and since I believe this is public domain, I'll download it and test it.
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MpcStar will not recognize a file with the .divx extension. I will notify development of this and hopefully get it addressed in the next version.

However, it will play the file.divx if renamed to file.avi (note that you'll need to have viewing of file extentions enabled in windows folder options in order to rename the extension. Otherwise you may end up with a file.avi.divx file instead of a file.avi, and naturally that won't work.

You will be prompted that changing a file extension can make the file unusable, just confirm and it should work fine. Your not changing anything in the file, only it's name and since .avi container standards can contain divx video, it will be handled correctly by any player.

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Hi machv5,

As TUUS said, MPC Star can not recognize a file with the .divx extension, but you can rename the file to .avi, and this will make the movie play.

This has been reported to the development team, and they will think about to add this file format to the support list in the next version. Once this format is supprted, you will know from the changelog of a future version. :)

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MpcStar 5.3 now supports the .divx container.

MPCSTAR v5.3 (2011.07.19)

[PLAYER] support auto loading subtitles in zip/rar file

[PLAYER] support .divx video file

[PLAYER] fix the bug of unable to fast forwards/rewind when playing DVD

[codeC] fix the bugs in rm decoder

[codeC] fix the bug of silence when playing .3gp file

Thanks to the developers for issuing such a quick fix to this issue :)

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