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Does friend upload slot work both ways?

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Upload slots do not manage download/upload bandwidth. They only grant an Unchoked status from your client's side to the connected peer which occupies that slot (so that it can download from you as opposed to the connected peers which are being currently Choked).

The bandwidth allocated by both currently trading peers is dynamically and automatically managed by both clients through a fine self-tuning mechanism and it's done much faster and better than you could do it manually.

To answer your question more directly, you could never FORCE another peer to upload faster to you. There is no means to do it. It may even not have any more available resources to do that. You can never know such details. All that BitTorrent can do, is making sure that your peers get from you proportionally to how fast they give to you. And that should be enough for you.

The purpose of a "friend slot" is (according to what the word implies) that someone who is your friend will be granted an upload slot. That is, he won't be choked and unchoked as other regular peers but will be granted a steady upload slot from you.

The notion of friend implies a selfless action from your part (that is, give without expecting something in return). If you don't want to do something for free for the poor chap, then you should let BitComet manage your peers and allocate slots; it does that as a very sharp accountant and it doesn't show much mercy (just as any other BT client) to poor trading peers.

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Ah Ok I understand now thank you.

One more thing, maybe I should've openend another thread but I'll ask here.

Why do some video-files occasionally still contain corrupt data, which you notice when viewing. While Bittorrent uses a hash-check to make sure the downloaded file is 100% correct?

I've seen it on rare occasions. A video-torrent completes and passes the hash check 100%(like a friend's holliday clips). But won't play or contains corrupt data. Re-checking will give a 100% OK but syill contain the corrupt data. Only after redownloading the whole file the errors are gone?

Thank you for your patience.

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The video clip must have been uploaded containing those errors in the first place (assuming that the artifacts you see are due to corrupted data and not codec/player related or something).

The hash-checking just makes sure that you get a 100% similar copy of whatever is being shared, it doesn't fix files that were broken, to being with.

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Our staff has spent countless hours on this site and it's pretty comprehensive, but if you find something important that it lacks you can post a suggestion and if one of our staff agrees it's both missing and important, and has the time they may add it.

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