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Upload & Download Speed


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But on screen 1 and 3 overall download speed shouldn't be smaller than task download speed.

Screen 6: BitComet shows: 21kb/s while NetLimiter shows: 29kb/s. Its not a small difference in my opinion. LT-Seeding was turned off ofcourse.

@Edit: If you need more screens just tell me

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You should probably read the FAQ again and more carefully.

On the one hand, there is traffic flowing which is BitComet-related. This includes tracker updates, DHT management, negotiations, exchanging piecemaps and the like.

On the other hand, there is actual transfer of blocks of the torrent contents.

Now from a certain point of view, the latter is "download" while the former is not. You are transferring stuff back and forth, necessary to the process but definitely ancillary to getting what it was that you actually wanted.

(So the total of it all as shown by netlimiter should, most of the time, be larger than just the downloads.)

On the gripping hand, all of this is entirely undocumented. There is no definitive explanation of exactly what is or is not counted in which portion of the BitComet display. We've been asking about/trying to get this for five years now, and it doesn't seem likely we'll ever find out. So this is largely making guesses to fit the observations.

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There is a difference between the maximum speed your connection is capable of, and the highest speed that your provider is contractually obligated to deliver to you.

They are not the same thing.

For example, it's common, especially with cable connections, for the first connected resident in a new subdivision, to experience amazing speeds, far in excess of what was contracted for. This is due to cut-rate splitting, so he's temporarily able to use the bandwidth that's allocated for the whole neighborhood. That bandwidth will disappear as more people move in and connect to that distribution point. That doesn't mean that the first guy became entitled to those higher speeds, or has a just complaint when he no longer has them. Nor does it mean that there's a defect anywhere in any application or in the connection itself.

The bug forum is for definite application defects, while issues that arise out of misunderstanding or confusion belong in the discussion forum.

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The maximum connection speed I ever had is ~126-128

The problem is, EXACTLY how do you know that? Do you constantly monitor and keep a graph of your maximum connection speed, or have limiter hardware installed that restricts you to that bandwidth? You claim to know that it's impossible that your connection speed should ever rise above that limit. What's the basis for that claim?

Additional screenshots won't help, because they don't address that issue.

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Been trying patiently to explain to you that your provider certainly can and usually does occasionally deliver speeds ABOVE the contractual minimum he's obligated to provide to you.

Your speed can be higher than the contract minimum 125 Kb/s.

If/when it is, that's not due to a defect in either the software or the hardware.

As I told you in a previous example, it is very common for cable subscribers in new subdivisions to receive bandwidth far in excess of the minimum they were promised, until other people move in and connect. I explained why that was so.

I have to say, you seem to be pretty thick about this. Maybe you should spend some time re-reading and thinking about it until you do understand it.

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filipex3, I also have looked at your screenshots various times and, to be honest, cannot find anything that would indicate a bug in the application (BitComet).

I recommend that you do as kluelos has patiently suggested and re-read his explanations for the most likely reason for these speeds to appear. If you do not understand the explanations offered, please be kind enough to specify which part you are having problems comprehending, and we will try a different approach, to see if it helps.

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Yep, Vasy dotted the "i". At the end of the day it all boils down to this.

You use NetLimiter as an standard. It may be right down to the decimals or it might be not, always.

I'm not saying it isn't. But you have to corroborate your evidence. At present time it's just BitComet's word against NetLimiter's. If you really want to prove a bug, then use multiple measuring tools, which show ALL, the SAME speeds at each point in time, while BitComet shows otherwise. Then you'll have proved your point.

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