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I've been downloading a pretty big file ( 9.2 GB )...I got to 90.9% complete where it "stopped". It's still downloading but the 90.9% isn't moving. I've left it for about 5 hours, still downloading but never moved off the 90.9% complete? Any idea's as to what's going on?

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thanks Lucy26...the link makes some sense...however I still don't understand why it's still downloading when nothing is technically getting downloaded...since it never moves off of the 90.9%. Like as I write this I'm downloading at a rate of about 450 and yet my % never moves and yet my bandwidth keeps rising on my server...just strange!

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Well I'm not posting 90% of that info on a public forum so I guess I'm never going to get help. It's pretty sad that some people probably know what my problem is but keep playing games instead of just coming forward with the answer. Usually when people have no clue on what's going on...they would have searched themselves for the answer..and all your doing is giving me links to webpages that don't mean anything...might as well be in Chinese, instead of just "helping" and telling me what is the problem in which I think you know. Have fun playing games!

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Here's a conversation between two of my imaginary friends:

Dr. X, I think I have swine flu. sad.gif

And how do you know that, mr. Z? huh.gif

I don't quite know.. unsure.gif

Are you frequently visiting any of the infected areas?

That's private information, dr. X.

dry.gifOK.. Let's see, lift your shirt so I can place my stethoscope on your chest.

No! That's sexual harassment. I'll sue you! mad.gif

ohmy.gif ...

OK, sorry sir. I'll call the nurse here to take some blood samples for testing..

NO! She may be contagious! Keep her away from me!

OK! OK! But, sir, how am I supposed to tell if you're ill or not?

You're a doctor! You're supposed to know that! Who the heck gave you that license?


Christ! You don't know anything! You're useless!


I'm getting out of here!


Good riddance.

I'll let you sort out the riddle..

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Here, here baby Debeer, don't cry.

Voila, take some milk: What is “rubbish data” and why am I downloading so much of it?

And suck it up! ;)

The web pages you mention were created out of answers the staff had to give hundreds of times over and over, for the same questions asked by the users. That's how FAQ are born.

One should be lacking the most elementary logic, to think that for an identical problem, every user should get an entirely different answer.

Apparently you are lacking it...

My advice is to try and fill in your shortcomings instead of throwing a tantrum every time you realize that the world doesn't actually revolve around you.

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NONE of the links you "gods" have provided explain why the h*** I'm still DOWNLOADING...what the h*** is being downloaded?? Something's being downloaded...but what! Almost 10 hours of NOTHING coming and yet 10 hours of between 350 and 700 kbps of downloading! Explain that oh smart and intelligent ones! And that analogy is brutal you idiot...doctor is private...posting certain info on the INTERNET is just wrong...it's an open gateway for those who know how to access it. And you guys don't know me so don't even start with those childish reply's. My reply was for the links I was getting wasn't answering my question and I was getting fed up with the curveballs, to just come out with the answer since you people are so smart and godlike! I've since stopped with the file cause I have a theory and it ended up to be correct...and NO the answer I was looking for was NOT in your stupid forums or links. So good luck with the so called troubleshooting in the future, you might want to update your links to these so called answers!

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I can't think why on Earth I would ever WANT to know you. Here we are, volunteering our time out of the goodness of my heart to help people, and we get this.

The answers are there in the links provided, but you apparently won't read them.

Apparently your paranoia has run away with you, such that you think disclosing which OS you're using will betray vital secrets.

Keep your secrets. Find your own answers. While we don't expect payment beyond the occasional thanks, we do insist on civility. That apparently being more than you can manage on this subject, the topic's closed.

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All right, Deeber, I've had just about enough of your inmaturity, your impatience and your disdain for others' help.

It really appalls me that you - someone who begot a high-grade application for free - should be haughty enough to demand direct, instant and personalized replies (from volunteers who donate their free time, no less) to make up for your own shortcomings. And, yes, they are shortcomings. Let me list them for you, in case they elude you:

1. You lack reading proficiency (as much as you profess to the contrary) and are a paranoiac.

The very first link given was for obtaining BASIC information about your setup - all of it, generic, mind you, with nay an inkling of any personally-identifiable information. Had you truly read the contents of said link, you would have come to that conclusion, on your own.

Do you really think that we are not capable of seeing your IP address, or finding out where you are located? If so, let me inform you that you are completely mistaken. But, alas, do we really care where you are? The answer is NO.

2. You think of yourself as being "supreme"...

And you guys don't know me so don't even start with those childish reply's

They are not childish replies. They are easy-to-follow directions that most anyone can follow. May I remind you, Sir, that you also do not know who we are.

Observing your diction and demeaner, one can see that you are quite intolerant and are, perhaps, used to yelling at others, when they do not reply with something of your liking. Well, here, (as well as elsewhere on the Internet, for your information) I'm afraid that you either you learn to abide by the same rules that everyone else is expected to, or you are quite simply ignored.

3. You are obviously egoistic and care not one iota for the Community.

This is blatantly apparent when, as you claim, you have found "the answer", but do not, in any way, shape or form, offer to share your "enlightenment" with anyone else (read as "other user") who may be experiencing the same identical situation. Solidarity at its peak...

So good luck with the so called troubleshooting in the future, you might want to update your links to these so called answers!

And good luck with your present attitude and manners, should you decide to take them elsewhere and dare to ask for aid. You might want to take an long and objective look at them, while asking yourself "Why do they always treat me this way?"

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My point is that as the doctor, we can't give you a solution for your particular problem unless you give us more info about the circumstances in which it occurs.

Lacking that info, we send you to check the most common situations, and see if any of them fits yours.

And if that doesn't help, you have to choose to either give us more info or to try and find the solution yourself, as you already have. Congratulations for your effort!

NONE of the links you "gods" have provided explain why the h*** I'm still DOWNLOADING...what the h*** is being downloaded??

I beg to differ:

Rubbish data or garbage data, is a term used to describe, in the BitTorrent scene, downloaded pieces which failed to pass the hash-check and consequently are discarded. They are regarded as garbage since they are of no use to the downloading client and only waste bandwidth and time.
And you are still downloading them because you told BitComet to find and download them when you started the task, it's not BitComet's fault that they're corrupted.
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