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Uploading but no torrents are active


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Does this sneaky seeding reflect a torrents ratio? Why doesn't it show the transfer speed in the upload column?

Even though a torrent has been stopped it could still be seeding, this I now understand but why was this included in the program? seems redundant.

Sorry for all the questions and thank you for the help! :)

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Not so keen on reading, eh? Reading is harmful for ones eyes, but ignorance decays ones brain, which do you need most?

Well, long story(cough) short, it is meant to keep torrents alive and also to reward those who seed via normal BitTorrent.

By enabling it you have access to LT-Seeds while downloading, but in turn you must become a LT-Seed yourself, so your tasks will keep seeding via this protocol even after the BT seeding goal is reached.

The number of LT-Seeds you are allowed to connect to is determined by your rank in the CometID system. Even if you don't have an account, you are still allowed to connect to up to 40 LT-Seeds.

If you want to see which tasks are uploading via this protocol and at what speed, go to Options/Advanced and enable system.show_debug_info. Then set the LT-Seeding column visible in the tasklist.

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You know, just because YOU didn't know about something doesn't make it "sneaky".

Off to a great start.

LT-Seeding is intended to supplement standard Bittorrent transfers by taking advantage of snippets of unused bandwidth too small to support a full seeding task. But by gathering a few KB/s here and a few there, you can end up with a respectable total. Most of the time most people don't fully use the bandwidth of their connections so this turns out to be much more effective than you might think.

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There is nothing sneaky about LTseed protocol. It's one of the major features that makes bitcomet able to outperform other bittorrent clients. It can also enable you to complete unseeded tasks and in turn upload the data to the bittorrent swarm, in addition to greatly increasing the speed of your downloads.

Use of LTseed is optional, and can even be adjusted by setting a maximum limit on it's bandwidth, but by design it will always give bandwidth to bittorrent and ed2k peers first, and when you have unused bandwidth, the LTseed will begin to share with other members.

It not only helps you and other bitcomet users, but helps the entire community.

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