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hi i`v only just started usin bit comit n cant get my head round y my up load speed is so slow i can acheave speeds ov 950kB down but wen seedin even wid only 1 task goin im only just getin 45kB max listenin ports r open port forwordin as addid n is workin fine iv up`d da amount ov half open conections 2 300 im runin bit 1.25 on windows xp sp3 my line speed is 6600kB dwn n 610kB up in bit options i hav set gmd to 6000kB gmu to 550kB plz help i`ll av 2 seed all wk 2 get a share ratio ov 1 on big files da only took hr n half 2 dwn load dnt wnt dis 2 affect my dwn speed 4 not sherin thanks

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My head hurts after reading your post. Please DON'T do that again; don't use the messaging/SMS writing style into a forum.

It makes reading your post go from merely 10-20 seconds to about 1 minute, and at the end of it people will be so mad from trying to decipher what you say, that they'll actually forget what the content of your post was.

So, DON'T do that! The minimum courtesy that you can show to the other members of the forum and to the forum staff, is to try and write in standard plain English, since nobody gets paid for trying to figure out what you say. And try using some punctuation, too. Capitals at the beginning of the phrase would be nice as well, if you can spare them.

All that I can do is solemnly promise that if I see another post of yours written in this manner, I'll delete it without even trying to read it, in order to spare everybody else the pain, so please don't do it.

As far as your issue goes, I somehow doubt that you have taken into account the difference between kilobits and kilobytes, so please post a screenshot of your speed test results.

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Sorry bout text slang earlyer i`v never used a forum be four and english gramer is`nt one ov my strong points as ur about to see,any way i`v taken on bourd what you said and it wont happen again.

There is a screen shot ov my speed test attached to this post, I`v most likely set some thing up wrong gettin confused with kilobits and kilobytes like u said.

I`v not been on line for that long and i`m still lerning and just gettin to grips with everything.

Thank you for helping me with this


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Your upload speed test shows you have 0.67mbit/s upload speed, or about 670kbit/s. When converted from bits to Bytes, this will equal less then 84kB/s. That is the absolute maximum your connection can upload, however in order to find peers to upload to, some bandwidth is required for communication, so you'll never be able to upload data at that speed, but you should be able to use about 80% of your available upload.

Of course this requires a torrent with peers that want the data your uploading.

I recommend you set your global max upload rate to about 67kB/s. This should reserve enough for communications and allow you the most efficient upload and download speed. Just keep in mind that your connection (like most) has a very restricted upload speed so it will take much longer to fully upload your fair share then it will to download. There is nothing you can do about that short of buying a better connection, so just be patient and make sure to seed all your tasks until a ratio above 1.000.

Regarding your English. Keep in mind that this forum is not only for posting and receiving support, it's also for members and guests to read and find solutions without the need to ask. We are also an international forum and many members have difficulty reading english, and many try very hard to translate what is posted. Most native English speakers can understand what your posting, but slang/sms style posts are not permitted in our forum.

However, if your English is poor, we aren't going to penalize you as long as you try your best.

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