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Torrents requiring passwords.


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Why is it that a new film like "Burlesque" can be downloaded with no problem shortly after commercial release whereas "Another Year" and "Barney's Version" all have torrents requiring you to "sign-up" for a survey to "release" the password for the RAR file.I tried this and found the PC contaminated with with "Ad Ware" afterwards and did not get the password.

In fact when "Fair Game " was first released it also was only available with this sign-up malarky, but now is available in a good quality download with "no strings".

I appreciate this is not BitComet's fault but when a normally good site like "Bit Junkie" starts hosting these torrents with no warning and a large number of seeders and leechers it makes you wonder.

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They keep being uploaded because they work -- people keep falling for them.

The uploader usually gets something in exchange for driving traffic to the survey site. Once you've clicked on the site, he's got his and doesn't care whether you get what you came for or not. So they'll frequently post torrents of material that they don't have, often can't have because it hasn't been published yet, so instead of a password you'll get a runaround or perpetual timeouts.

ANY torrent that places any condition on you should be reported in the torrent comments as passworded spam, so others can avoid it. With experience you will learn to spot these before you've wasted any bandwidth downloading them.

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These are usually easy to spot because they are in one large .rar file. The only legitimate downloads that are in .rar will be split archives, usually 15mb each. This is because they are originally released on FTP topsites in that format so they will first appear that way in the bittorrent community. You may occasionally see a genuine torrent in a single .rar, but they are usually made by novice users. If you get your torrents from a website that uses torrent comments, then either wait until a torrent gets some comments, or if you must be among first to download it, make sure to comment it yourself after you determine if it's good or not.

Definitely don't go chasing after passwords that require you to install or open any files/programs.

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Many thanks for that info.

But "Another Year" and "Barney's Version" still haven't appeared.

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