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[NEW] MPCStar 5.1 has been released


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Dear all,

MPCStar 5.1 has been released, you can now download it HERE.


MPCSTAR v5.1 (2011.04.29)

[PLAYER] new skin: Black

[PLAYER] improve switching effect of compact mode and full-screen mode

[PLAYER] support custom colors of text and background of play list in skin

[PLAYER] support custom action of Ctrl + mouse wheel

[codeC] support mov files from Canon DSLR camera

[codeC] improve stability of VSFilter

Please feel free to try this version, and leave your feedback, suggestions, and bug reports here.

All previous versions of MPCStar can be found here.


The BitComet Team

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@ czp101,

Are you talking about version 5.0 as announced by Lucy26?

Or are you still talking about a different version (you didn't specify), and making reference to your previous post here?

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I don't know if it's a glitch on my end or not, but after upgrading to 5.0, the Zoom Window function no longer works. I've tried both the keyboard shortcut and the right-click menu to change it. Compact Mode's shortcuts and right-click menu still work though. Also, I thank you for changing the way the boosted audio function displays its percentage. It was kind of retarded to see (depending on whether you maxed out the audio or not) 104%, 108%, etc. I still miss the auto-normalize function though. The difference between 100% and 110% is not right. It typically goes from a whisper to breaking the speakers on my laptop, but once the volume levels out again, it seems to be tolerable. I also noticed that occasionally the audio will decrease volume during loud areas (thanks for that if it was intentional), but not return the volume to where it was after the loud area.

In any event, 5.0 seems to be working well on Windows XP Professional (32 bit), Service Pack 3.

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theres a small feature that i find very important that mpcstar 4.9 and under had:

Auto Subtitle Load

mpcstar 5.1 doesnt load subtitles automatically anymore and its a feature i need, can you guys fix it?

for 5.0 i dont know if it loads subtitles automatically because i haven't tried it yet.

EDIT: now when i uninstalled 5.1 and reinstalled 4.9 the subtitles wont load automatically anymore :(

i even deleted the folders in AppData before reinstalling

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i install and use the version 5.1 today... but when i play MPEG file, it hang and the player no response and make my laptop hang...

it doesnt have this matter when i use version 5.0... hope this matter will be solved soon... thanks~~~

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Thanks for this update. Finally, an attractive looking skin for MPCStar. I use MPCStar for all my movie watching and it is my favorite by far throughout all other alternatives such as GOM Player, VCL Player, etc. Love the update, love how it's black, and I also noticed you made things easier by allowing users to minimize the player and maximize it by clicking the icon on the taskbar or hitting Windows button+D without having to go into the hidden icons to re-open the window. I'm psyched about this new update. Well done! Thanks again.

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hello ,

i just updated my mpc star today from 4.9 to 5.1.

i have to say that it looks very nice, but there's a problem with it.

when i start the mpc star he doesn't pick up any subs so i tryed to load them my self.

but even that he won't do.

i downgraded back to 4.9 and now everything works again.

i hope that there will be a fix soon because the looks of 5.1 is must better then the 4.9:)


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