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FireFox 4 !

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This may not be a choice our developers can make. Cometbird IS firefox, with some enhancements and specific changes to make it desirable to p2p users. I haven't "personally" tried firefox 4, simply because I prefer to let a major update become fully stable and compatible before switching. The only software that I install latest and beta versions of is bitcomet, simply because I support it's users. However, if Cometbird does follow firefox (which is likely), there is nothing preventing you from not updating. You can use your current version of Cometbird for as long as you wish.

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It will stay the same if you don't install version 4. If you do, it's likely to be similar. If you have any specific suggestions, feel free to offer them, but saying you want cometbird to make a new version, but have it the same as old version makes no sense. Why install a new version if it's the same?

A construction suggestion would be to specify what you don't like about a new version.

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Your "the same" might not be somebody else's "the same". You should, as TUUS asked you, try to explain WHAT YOU DON'T LIKE about the new FF interface.

If you're not able to do a simple thing like that, then it means you don't know what you want.

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