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why cometbird 3.1.6 but not cometbird 4.0??

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I realize firefox 4 is released, which means development can BEGIN, not END. If development ended with firefox 4 final, then they would release concurrent, but it does not.

Just be patient and remember the developers have to do other work too, Cometbird is a free product and is developed as time permits.

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Ok, I'll try to say this with a bit more clarity.

Development of CometBird begins AFTER a stable release of firefox. It's the FINAL and STABLE versions source code that is used to develop Cometbird, so once again, development can not begin until After a stable release of Firefox.

Expecting Cometbird to make a stable release concurrent with Firefox would allow no time at all for development.

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I see little difference between pale moon and firefox. What makes it special?

Switching to a new source code takes more time when you have more features and addons to port or even remake depending on the situation.

PS. Captcha sucks for everyone. You can thank spammers everywhere for that.

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