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BC will limit your downloads unless you buy new VIP

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You don't pay for their install so-called "VIP" downloading they will "limit" you to almost nothing!!! f*** THEM!! I'm a General now for almost 5 years They are SCAM ARTISTS!! before they weren't I could download a 2Gib Movie anywhere in 20min. using BC...My HP comp is 10yrs old.. lol.. using this download client!! now!!!!!... THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS THEY WANT MONEY FROM YOU BEFORE THE OPEN UP THE FLOOD_GATES___F*** THEM!!! Don't pay them any money I have been doing this for over 10years..f*** THE VIP!! THEY ARE DOING THIS TO MAKE MONEY NOW!!!GO TO UTORRENT?..Thats where Im going ..YOU f****** CROOKS PLAYING GAMES? YOUR STATEMENT SAID THE FARTHER I GO UP IN LEVELS I WOULD HAVE MORE TRACKERS AND FASTER DOWNLOADS WELL I'M A "GENERAL NOW? YOU LYING PIECES OF s*** YOU JUST GOING FOR THE MONEY!!! GOOD FOR YOU!! AND f*** YOU!!!Pieces Of s***...30kbs for a download? I have comcast high-speed..pay big bucks for it? anything else I download from the net is fast...what kind of game you trying to play with the newbies here? f****** CROOKS!!! f*** you...

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Do please go to utorrent. You should fit in well there. One of the principle moderators' signature reads, "Don't like my attitude? Stop giving me a reason to have it."

As for being limited, the only limitations that can be imposed on your client come from your own ham-handed misconfiguration of your client. Your problems are caused by your mannerless ignorance, and we certainly won't miss you. You weren't told any of that, and it starkly illustrates how little you know about what you're doing.

10 years? No. One year, ten times. Without learning anything.

Go inflict yourself on utorrent, they're welcome to you.

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The ignorance of your Rant is staggering.

First of all, there are no "floodgates" to open, your not getting the files from bitcomet at all, they come from users like yourself (but hopefully ones with a bit more intelligence).

Second, without VIP bitcomet can download at least as fast as any other client and sometimes faster.

Third, Your not limited in anyway by bitcomet unless you select to set limits yourself (default settings are unlimited).

Fourth, Your statement claiming higher rank will get you more trackers just shows how little you learn and pay attention.

Fifth, I've wasted too much time on you already, and even though your rudeness and language is a violation of our rules, I'll leave your post here so everyone can see what a fool you have made of yourself. I will however close this topic, simply because it doesn't appear your able to learn, so why bother teaching you.

Topic Closed!

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29 April 2011[/b] - 11:12 PM' timestamp='1304115161' post='60858']

I'm a General now for almost 5 years


20 December 2010[/b] - 10:54 PM' timestamp='1292882085' post='57513']

Any help or advice would be appreciated just became a "General" with this bit torrent client

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