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It is possible, yes. It is also forbidden by TOR.

All of the bandwidth that TOR gets is donated by others. If they see that their bandwidth is being taken up by P2P, they will stop donating it, so doing this will get you thoroughly disliked by many people.

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possible yes, but you can expect speeds to start out under 1kB/s and soon go to 0kB/s as soon as the users who donate the bandwidth realize you're trying to move large amounts of data through their computers for no reason and block you. End result is no one is happy.

Imagine if you allow your neighbors to borrow your truck to go grocery shopping every now and then, and are happy to do so, but then one day someone borrows it to move their entire contents of their house 5000 miles without asking or even informing you, and leaves you stuck with the fuel bill.

Don't Use TOR for p2p

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