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Actually, before I understand what the problem is, I have to understand what you're saying. first you tell us that bitcomet is launching your web browser through no input of your own, and now you say you can't download torrents. Those are two different problem, and if you can open the torrent, how do you know the availability is 1000%?

You're going to have to express yourself better if we're going to figure this out. I'm guessing English isn't your primary language, which is fine, we'll do our best to understand you, but lets start from the beginning, and please don't put more then one subject in a sentence, and it would probably be a good idea to explain each subject twice using different wording, in case the first is unclear to us, we can compare it to the second.


I booted up my computer and launched bitcomet

After starting my computer, I started bitcomet.

Now, please begin with exactly what changed three days ago when this problem begun. Something on your system had to have change to drastically change the way it handles this file.

Also please do as I asked in my previous post. If you didn't understand it, you should have asked. The file I named is the same one that is opening in your browser, which tells me that your windows is set to open .mht files in opera. Find this file, "right click" on it and select properties, then change the program it opens with from opera to internet explorer. Hopefully that will fix the login problem, but I have no idea what your other problem is so you're going to have to explain it better.

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Do NOT jump into the middle of someone else's thread (specially if your issue has nothing to do with the original poster's) - please start your very own thread and make sure that you read and provide this.

TuuS' reply is a perfect example of how interrupting the flow of a thread that is not your own, can lead someone who is attempting to help, become confused and end up merging two people's concerns...

I repeat, do NOT do this.

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