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[New] BitComet 1.29 has been released


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Dear all,

The latest version of BitComet has just been released, you're all welcomed to download it from the official website.


v1.29 2011.09.23

GUI Improved: display prompt message when UI no response while writing piece_part file

GUI Improved: new option in advance page of BitTorrent task properties dialog: Bypass task seeding rules, keeps active

GUI Improved: change the health value of task displayed on the right of availability graph in task summary to the availability value

GUI Improved: display the download size/rate from VIP Acceleration in the tooltip of task summary

GUI Improved: after click the prompt balloon of task finish, the corresponding task will be highlighted in the list

GUI Bugfix: task list failed to sort by download/upload size

GUI Bugfix: tracker setting not saved after remove a tracker from the context menu of tracker list

Core Improve: Web seeding supports HTTP servers which do not accept range request

Core Improve: improve connection request algorithm, decrease unnecessary connection number

Core Improve: disable eMule plugin for Anonymous Download

Core Improve: support Firefox 6

Core Bugfix: BitTorrent download containing too many files can not launch VIP Acceleration

Core Bugfix: failed to auto-shutdown after all download finished if any queued seeding task exists

Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback here.

Thank you for your support.

The BitComet Team

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By any chance are you using the 32 bit version ..... I am using the 64 bit version.....

hmmm..... looks like I need to try again..... Weird that bitcomet says I have the newest version, I used the 1.29 download link from the actual bitcomet website, and was still linked to the 1.28 64 bit version...

thanks a bunch for the response.... will let you guys know what happens....

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Just wanted to update you guys, I went back and tried the download again, this time it worked and now version 1.29 is working like a champ.... now I just wish I could get credit for all the sharing I did for the past year without signing in to bitcomet... definately worth it to create a log in ... LT seeding is awesome when you really need it!!!!

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Please, where is Translation site?

LAUNCHPAD Error: Page not found.

Lost something?

This page does not exist, or you may not have permission to see it.

If you have been to this page before, it is possible it has been removed.

Your question #176563 on Launchpad itself changed:


Status: Open => Answered

Julian Edwards proposed the following answer:

The bitcomet project uses a commercial licence which has expired on

2011-08-20. The project maintainer has not renewed the licence so the

project is currently disabled.

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