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Port mapping question


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DLink has one messed up forwarding menu. Every time I had to configure one of those I found it extremely counter-intuitive and cumbersome.

My advice would be to try using the Virtual Servers menu instead of the Port Forwarding one.

Make sure you set up Traffic Type as "Both" and fill in the rest of the fields exactly as you did in the current one.

See what you get.

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Also make sure you have opened the port in every firewall you have running, including Windows built-in firewall.

Many a person has spent hours banging heads against router configuration, only to find that there was a software firewall that needed to be configured or removed.

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If the issue you're having under this situation is that the UDP port is open, and you've proven that, for a given IP address, but the TCP port is closed, then from what you're showing us I'd say there must be another firewall in there. Firewalls don't cooperate with each other or announce their presence, so you can have a dozen firewalls running in software and not know it.

It's good advice to start by getting the router out of the loop temporarily, and connect directly to the modem. IF the port is still blocked, then you know it's something running on the computer that is doing the blocking, and you'll have to find and fix it. If the problem goes away, on the other hand, then you know the router was still misconfigured and that's where you need to look.

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That's unfortunate, because it means you are behind someone else's router and, probably, firewall.

This is typical of dormitories, hotels, offices and other facilities where internet connectivity is provided by them (and is not, say, between you and the local telco or local cable-tv provider). They generally have a router to distribute internet connectivity through the facility, and it is usually firewalled.

It is also typical of most kinds of wireless connections, however they are done.

Usually, there is nothing you can do. You can't control the router, and whoever can control it either won't or can't open a port for you.

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If you have a cable modem you might still have a public IP address on the WAN side of the modem (provided that the modem uses an internal routing module and NAT, thus functioning at Layer 3 as well).

Can't you connect to a web interface in the modem, the same way that you connect into your router?

It's usually the first or the last IP in the subnet; thus assuming a /24 subnet mask ( it would be the 10.x.x.1 or the 10.x.x.254 address.

If the modem functions only at Layer 2 then probably the 10.x.x.x address comes from further downstream and in that case, as kluelos said, there's nothing you can do on your side.

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Aloha, I have tried the following:

Go to NetSharing & make sure Net Discovery is ON.

Then go to ControlPanel, Services, & find SSDP & put that on Automatic

also, find UpNp & put that on Automatic.

I now have listen ports open, windows firewall added, & UpNP added.

DHT & WAN have green lights.

I am using a NetGear WNDR3700 router.

I found this info last week, but I don't remember where.

Hope it works for you all as well as it has for me.

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