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Hi :rolleyes:

I have been unable to download torrents through bit comet in my college.it also blocks facebook and few other sites.However we keep trying to use different methods.one success came with the proxy site proxy.lop.im,My question is can i use this use this site somehow in bitcomet options to unblock bit comet.and Kindly also suggest if I can use any other proxy programs .

Thanks a million :)

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Basically, no, you can't. That proxy service is designed for access by a web browser only. What you'd need is something that proxies bittorrent protocol messages directly through your TCP/IP stack.

You'd need something similar to TOR -- but not TOR, which is not to be used for P2P. TOR depends on volunteers offering bandwidth to the community. If they see people hogging it for bittorrent, they won't offer it anymore. I mention TOR as a place to read up on what you would need a free proxy to do.

If you had such a proxy, you could only operate in no-listen-port mode. To go beyond that would require something like TPB's IPREDator service. There are no free services of this type. If there were, they'd soon be absolutely swamped with traffic, and wouldn't last long.

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