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suggestions for some shortcut keys!!!!!!

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hai my dearest bitcomet team!!! iam glad to knowing about your trying to hard day by day for improving your product.

So, here I would like to see some of the key shortcut in the next release.

as a blind person, iam able to download successfully with our product, but some time some of the options iam not able to use with my screen reader. (talking software).

they are:

how much is my score, and what about my ranking position, history option ect.

about my screen reader JAWS, its having 3 curser they are,

PC curser, JAWS curser, invisible curser.

about PC curser,

that is a normal curser, it will read, or announce the general think.

but the JAWS curser, it will read what PC curser won't read.

But, invisible curser, it will read what JAWS curser won't read.

for example,

these are the thinks I have accessing indirectly, that means, with the help of JAWS curser under our bitcomet window.

iam pasting those thinks here, for understanding the layout of how the screen reader is reading.

Download: 39 kB/s, Upload: 5 kB/s - BitComet 1.32

File View CometID Tools Help 40.0%

T eBay

New Open Open URL Make Favorites Start Stop Preview OpenDir Properties Delete Options Homepage Movies malayalam songs golden collection 39kB/s

Ch Tags Search Tasks

Name V.. C.. S.. P..

malayalam songs golden collection

39 kB/s 5 kB/s


L Start Page Comments Summary Files Trackers Logs Peers Statistics

S File Name P.. Progress Pri... Size LT Seeds ED2K link Debug info

Old Melodies-1 609.46 MB

Ilanjipoomanamozhuki.MP3 47.3% High 15.18 MB 0 Click to Add

Ran Mangalamkunnile.MP3 100% [Fin... 12.73 MB 0 Click to Add

Saraswathiyamam.MP3 100% [Fin... 8.63 MB 0 Click to Add

Innalemayangumbol.mp3 100% [Fin... 6.60 MB 0 Click to Add

Samyamakanno.MP3 2.9% High 5.99 MB 0 Click to Add

Nadha Brahmathin - Kattukurangue.mp3 0.0% High 5.83 MB 0 Click to Add

Sangeethame.mp3 100% [Fin... 5.75 MB 0 Click to Add

Kattile.mp3 30.0% High 5.71 MB 0 Click to Add

Pennalepennale.mp3 0.0% High 5.41 MB 0 Click to Add

Nakshathra Deepangal Thilangi - Nirakuda.mp3 0.0% High 5.33 MB 0 Click to Add

1 selected / 1 in total timysebastian signed in. DHT Connected: 1476 Blocked:

our main ame is everyone should benefited from our product isn't it??

So, iam suggesting u to please try to add this key shortcut in the next release similar to below please,

display current ranking position, score, % : alt R.

display history window control H.

Start page, alt S.

display files page, alt shift F.

Display commends page, alt shift c.

display Tracker page, Alt shift T.

Most of the blind people started to using this product, we will be happy if the above shortcut will added in the next release.

with many million thanks your ,


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The BitComet Development Team has reviewed your suggestions and agrees that anything we can do to help visually impaired users to navigate our software will be well worth the effort, so we are pleased to announce that your suggestions will be incorporated into the BitComet Client starting with the next release.

There is no specific timetable for when this work will be completed so please be patient, and hopefully these enhancements will be of benefit to all visually impaired users.

Thank you for your efforts to help improve BitComet Software,


The BitComet Team

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I tried to "like" the above comment, but got an error so I wanted to make sure the development team got a HUGE pat on the back. I am very lucky to not have a visual or hearing impairment but was very happy to see the fast response from BITCOMET to TimySebastion's request. This just reinforces the reasons I chose Bitcomet !!!!!!


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I agree completely. This type of enhancement to our client is time well spent. Most sighted users only see keyboard shortcuts as something to save time when doing repeated tasks, but for visually impaired they are essential, so we are all glad to put in some effort to help make our product easier to use.

Timy, please share the news with anyone you wish, and we welcome feedback from anyone who is visually challenged on how to better improve our product.

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Hi Timy,

I installed the DEMO version of JAWS, and found it can read the text in BitComet window.

But I still don't known what change of BitComet is exactly you want.

Please tell me your operations on BitComet to let JAWS read the screen, including the HOT-Key of JAWS you will use.

Thanks, hope we can help you.

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