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A newbee here, Hi everyone. Please help

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Firstly,high everyone. A friend recommended i sign up and install bit comet. I used emule years ago so thought this would be very similar. But seems not. Connections are visible.However.All i want to do is download a movie.So i try typing movie name-s in the search bar.But every time it comes up 0 found......I would be very grateful if someone could help me out.Thank you for your time

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Hello and welcome to the forums! :)

Whenever you have a question, you first have to provide what we consider the Essentials and be able to include the maximum amount of detailed information (speed test results, the settings that you're using, which Tutorial/s you have followed, etc.) possible - the more, the better.

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I'd recommend you start with the Wiki and peruse most of the topics.

There are especially a couple of topics for beginners that will be useful to you, especially those in the BitComet Tutorial and BitComet User Interface sections, as well as the first section of the FAQ (Understanding BitComet).

BitTorrent is pretty different from the eDonkey protocol and the general logic behind the BitTorrent clients is rather non-intuitive until you read and comprehend it a bit.

Before you wrap your mind around a few basics you'll be fumbling in the dark, mostly, if you try to compare it to other sharing networks so, I'll say "happy reading", wherever you may choose to do it.

P.S. as a bonus you will find out that BitComet integrates the eMule client as a plugin, in order to perform cross-protocol downloads when the same file is available on both networks. But that's already an advanced topic that you need not bother with at present time.

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Hello, plodder, and welcome to the forums. It was nice of you to introduce yourself to everyone else. :)

As to your comments, however, I have to disagree...

First, "the Seeds and soforth" have nothing to do with the program itself, but with the active peers within a particular swarm.

Second, BitComet is a downloading manager not a "provider" (it is not a node).

And on other levels, BitComet is the only one of its kind to incorporate Long-Term seeding, which can actually "resuscitate" a nearly-dead torrent, allowing you to finish downloading the task. It also incorporates an eMule plug-in, which other download managers don't.

You don't think that it's that great? Well, as far as I'm concerned, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and nobody is forcing anyone else to use this free application with (or without) a free support forum in various languages, world-wide.

Everyone is at liberty to choose which program (or not) they want to use.

Have a wonderful day. :)

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