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Site link should be changed


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The list of torrent sites hasn't been actively maintained. What I'd like to see is for the user to be able to edit their own list, adding and removing sites. We used to have a guide posted for doing this edit, but it doesn't work with recent versions of bitcomet.

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The links in bitcomet to open torrent sites direct you to atcomet.com which is operated by the bitcomet development team and it will redirect you to the torrent site. This method makes it easier to make changes and since torrent sites tend to move often, any change to a link would have to be changed on every bitcomet users computer worldwide if it wasn't for the atcomet site which instead requires only one single change. This is a nice feature for new users so you have some handy links to click on, but most users soon learn what torrent sites they like and browse them independent of bitcomet, in fact the only time I ever use the links in bitcomet is when a member reports they don't work, and naturally since the links are all dependent on atcomet.com website working, they sometimes won't work, and since this is all a volunteer project, the website may not be repaired as fast as a typical commercial website that has full time paid staff to maintain it.

As far as making changes to the sites listed, we have all asked to have someone review, check, add and remove sites on a weekly or monthly basis, but it seems the manpower just isn't there so I strongly suggest you bookmark your favorite sites yourself and not rely on the links in bitcomet.

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