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My download movie stuck at 99.9% :(


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Hi everyone :)

I hope any one here can help me please ?

I have alread finsh my download but it still downloading ???????

Bitcomet say size left 8 MB and It start to finsh this 8 MB I downlad about 1 GB and there is no respond :(

the time of finshing download not Limited and the download not finsh but the problem not there is no seed

the torrent downloading and not finsh at all :(

this is the name of torrent Avatar.2009.3D.Blu-Ray.1080p.H-SBS.DTS.x264 .

you can find it in the attach files .

so any one please can help me ♥


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This is sometimes caused by routers that modify data packets to change what appears to be an external (WAN) IP address to match your internal IP address. This usually happens on torrents larger than 4gb when "gaming mode" is enabled in the router. The result is that each time the same packet of data is received it's slightly changed by the router and therefore rejected when it fails hash-check. If disabling gaming mode doesn't resolve the problem, then you can try bypassing the router until the torrent can complete.

Another cause is when a file is detected as a threat by anti-virus and deleted or guaranteed, in which case bitcomet will continue to try to download the piece or pieces and each time the anti virus will delete. This issue is more common with software that contains cracks, keygens or other software that is often detected as a threat, but with a movie it's more likely the previous cause.

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First of all, the reason we have guidelines on making support requests is so we can know what hardware you are using and without that info I can only guess, but assuming you have a router, just connect your computer directly to the modem without using the router and see if that allows the torrent to complete. If your modem and router are combined, this could be a problem.

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Hi every one

and thanks for every one try to help me :D

I solve this problem by install anew windows the problem is from my windows 8.1 it is very stuipid system :(

I install windows 8 is better than 8.1 :) ♥

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One of the questions you failed to answer or provide was which windows version you're using. If a member wants accurate answers and helpful support, it is essential they read the rules and provide all the required info.

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