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Help to make Bitcomet show the speed in MB/s and not KB/s


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I have the 64bit client (also i've tried the beta version) and the speed is shown in kb/s. I have a 1Gbps internet connection so the speed is showing like 532525252135436754234234324234 kb/s (i'm exagerating).

> wow...but i dont have that speed...

> can your processor get along with that speed of download?

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My average download speed is around 90MB/s (720Mbps). I'm using a Samsung 500Gb SSD with a 3-Core Mex controller and a dual-core router. Also I have an i7 cpu and 16gb of ram. A phenom II x4 955 with 8gb of ram and a ssd will do just fine for 1gbps, I've tried it. The 1Gbps connection is using all 8 wires in the UTP cable. You will also need a decent router and a decent LAN card.

My provider has only two internet plans, since this october. The 500Mbps and 1Gbps plans. Well the 1Gbps plan worths those 13$.

The residential internet connection is the best. I don't think that "residential" has the same meaning in US as it has in my country. Here it means a very important and strategic zone. For example the optical fiber is in my house, literally. The provider invests massive amounts of cash in this area (like free wi-fi connection everywhere outside, available for everyone). If I have a problem with my internet connection I'll just make a phone call and it will be fixed in a matter of minutes or if it's something really bad they will send a team. The tech department works 24/7.

Also in the 500mbps/1gbps plans are included free mobile phones (no-name brand) with unlimited minutes in the provider's network and free 3G sim cards with unlimited internet traffic for your tablet or dual-sim phone.

If you also want cable tv, then you will get a 10$ plan which will includes the free HD decoder or CI+ card. From what I know, they are working to switch the whole tv cable to IPTV.

Sorry for my bad English.

The 500Mbps/1Gbps speeds are available for everyone in my country, no matter where they are.

Please tell me how to make bitcomet show the speed in MB/s and also please tell me how to make the torrents to auto-seed when starting the client (I have to manually select all torrents and press Start).

Also thank you for developing the only 64bit client!

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> great internet speed, very cheap, good tech support & not even same with my country. but some tweaking done to get a good internet speed & of course for free/silence.

> i'm sure the BC tech team read your post. wait for thier reply

> i love romania for the internet speed

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