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Torrent With Many Seeders appears as "Zero" Seeders in BitComet (?)


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This has been an issue the last several days, and I've never experienced it before in BitComet.

When I ATTEMPT to download a torrent via BitComet, the torrent itself from the "mother" site may have a large amount of seeders displayed; however, when it hits BitComet, the seeder amount suddenly drops to 0 (zero) and doesn't download at all (???). Prior to the last several day when this started to happen, BitComet grabbed the torrent and started downloading it IMMEDIATELY; now, for whatever reason, the torrent just "sits there" doing nothing. HAS ANYONE ELSE BEEN EXPERIENCING THIS PROBLEM? Or, is this just an isolated evenit that happening to me only? I have a very fast PC; virus/malware-free; never any issues doing this before, as mentioned . . . only within the last few days. Can anyone offer any suggestions here?

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I've checked the specific torrent you send me via PM and it's a fake as is the website you're using which is a fake copy of thepiratebay. The real website was taken offline on december 9th.


The correct question this topic should be asking is why torrents with zero seeds appear on a website to have many and the answer is that most torrent sites dont display tracker data. There are some rare exceptions, but because of legal issues most trackers don't operate public websites, the sites you visit are just index sites and some of them have scripts that test the torrents to get a rough idea of how many peers are present but in most cases they do this once every couple weeks. There are also fake torrent sites such as this case which fudge the data and post any torrents their bots can find. This specific one was caught making user accounts in the name of popular uploaders to have the appearance that the uploader had an account and thereby endorses that site. There are also cases where the fake site was made by anti p2p groups in order to distribute poisoned torrents to harass bittorrent users or to gather IP addresses to harass ISPs and ultimately make legal threats to the users themselves.

For the meantime ThePirateBay doesn't exist and if it does make an official comeback you will be able to confirm it on TorrentFreak website.

Our staff cannot recommend any specific websites to use so I suggest you try some reputable ones and find one or two that you like and stick with them.

Also, so to be sure I'm 100% clear on this, the list of peers and seeds in your client is the only accurate list, never trust the numbers listed on any torrent site, even a reputable because it will be very old data.

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I'm having a problem of their being 1783 seeders and bit-comet only reads around 13-15 and limits my download speed to around 300 kb/s instead of the usual 2500 kb/s which I have being trying to fix but just don't know what to do anymore and it Usually does it on files above 10GB

Please don't jump in the middle of someone else's thread with unrelated issues (it's actually quite rude)... Start your own thread and be sure to provide the READ THIS information, in the proper forum.

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