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Is 1.38 coming or are they no longer updating?

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The title is the question.I have used Bitcomet for a while and it in my opinion is the best(as far as speed) out there but i get a lot of bugs like freezing every few seconds (not always but often) and refusing to stop when i stop it,then i have to force shutdown the app. Is there a real security concern using an older version because i may try that if there is no plans for an update.Its been over a year since an update so i'm thinking this is as far as the updates are going.I hope i am wrong though because it usually serves me the best.

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There have been no major bugs with 1.37, it's an extremely stable version. If your system isn't responding it's probably related to system resources, not bitcomet itself.

I personally find updates to be annoying but we need to do them when there is significant reasons but there hasn't been with 1.37. Of course the decision isn't mine to make and I have submitted some minor requests that will be included in 1.38, whenever it is released. If there is ever a major bug or issue discovered they may be a beta version released to confirm the bug/s have been fixed, but in my opinion I think it's great news that we've had a stable version running for over a year.

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