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Our country is full of debates about transgender people using bathrooms and I imagine a lot of crazy signs coming soon. What bugs me is they have been around for a long time and we had no poblems, but now all of a sudden they want it posted that people can use whichever restroom they identify with at the moment, and some areas are making defensive rules to keep men out of the girls bathrooms, changing rooms and showers.

Talk about opening a can of worms lol

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People are becoming ridiculous with some things, lately - although I, personally, wouldn't appreciate a man (transgender or not) sharing the same shower room - but change rooms and bathrooms are OK with me.

I've had to use the men's room, myself, on a few occasions (a ridiculously long line-up or out of order, in the ladies' room), and although I've gotten a couple of odd looks (which I've completely ignored), I've never had any problems with anyone...At most, I've had someone sarcastically ask me if I hadn't read the "MEN" sign... my answer has always been the same... "Do you have any problems sharing your bathroom at home with your husband/wife/children? No, right? Well, just think of it as the same here." :P

PS - I "identify" with the bathroom that is available. :D


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I don't know.. I am just asking.

Why would I share my bathroom with anyone? :c

Like TUUS says, we're talking about public restrooms, but I can also apply it to a private house. What I mean is, most average houses only have one bathroom for the entire family. Mom, Dad and the children all use the same bathroom, without gender issues, so why does there need to be one (issue), when a person chooses to use a public restroom? You're there to "take care of business", not to choose/parade which gender you identify with.

This simply encourages perverts to make love in the bathroom

I disagree. Perverts will always be perverts, regardless of where they choose to have sex. The rest of mere mortals will probably not want to practise sex in the bathrooms, because there will no longer be a "prohibiton" to enter where they're not supposed to and, thus, will not get that "risk factor" rush that seems to go along with practising sex in "forbidden" places.

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No, no... that's the sign for the square root of 16, elevated to the third power... so... square root of 16 = 4, and 4 cubed is 64..., yes?


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