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Torrents task has disappeared after restart


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Hello forum, this is not the first time that this has happened. I had a torrent task on my bitcomet for completed and uncompleted torrents, but after I restarted my pc yesterday some settings on my pc randomly changed without me changing anything, for example on my bitcomet, my tasklist has disappeared, and i dont know how to get it back and to resume my downloads

I have some torrent files on my pc, but i usually use the ''open'' option before downloading a torrent so i dont know if all my torrent files havve been saved, so i dont know if i have all my torrents in one place. Also i dont know where they are located...

Can someone please help me, this is urgent. I need to get back to work now and ASAP

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this is a common issue associated with improper shutdown of bitcomet. You should always click on "file" then "exit bitcomet" to properly shut down, but fortunately bitcomet saves upto 10 sequential backups of your "downloads.xml" file. It's location is dependent on what windows version you are using and the user account settings you use, but you can probably find it in your %appdata% folder (copy "%appdata%" to your address bar on any folder, then look for the bitcomet folder.

First I recommend reading this article on wiki.bitcomet.com


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Well I have found some torrent history i think its in a file called ''torrents'' and i hashed the downloads and it seems to be back to normal, i luckily took screenshots of all my list and downloads before this happened so i know which files are supposed to be in the list, since i have history from previous lists...

To tell you the truth, I always restart my pc the same way, i leave everything open and then i press restart, and i never had a problem. This only happened on the day of the post...

Also i dont know how to check my Bitcomet version, maybe it is 1.40?

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I have a file called Downloads.xml.bak, but i was unable to open it because bitcomet says its not the same format, and was told to open it when i firstly opened bitcomet after the restart and after i noticed the list was blank, to tell you the truth, i dont remember if i pressed the shut down button manually or if i pressed restart on that day because i remember having a problem with my pc, it seemed like someone was remotely controlling my pc....i dont know what was going on, but i dont remember if this problem came before or after i pressed the shut down button manually on my pc

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Your backup downloads file will be named something like this...


Simply rename it to...


and start bitcomet

However if you have already re-added the tasks and rehashed the downloaded files, then no action is required.

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